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How To Have A Career In Wedding Planner

A professional who is hired to assist in designing, planning, and managing a client's wedding is called a wedding planner. Some wealthy families are willing to spend a lot of money on well-organized marriages in their families. Wedding planners are found almost everywhere globally, but the industry is enormous in India, the USA, China, and Western Europe. 

A person who wants to pursue his/her career with a wedding planner has many courses available that he/she can go for. Wedding planners don't have a fixed income per month. 

About The Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are professionals who are employed in weddings to design, plan and manage weddings. Wedding planners are popular with destination weddings too. Destination weddings need additional documentation and paperwork. Wedding planners' fees can be a percentage of the total wedding cost or a flat amount.

Wedding planners provide many services in a wedding like interviewing the brides and grooms for the identification of their needs, preparing a budget, designing, and styling of the wedding event, fixing locations, photoshoots, preparing lists of participants, identifying venues like hotels or party houses, etc.

Eligibility To Become A Wedding Planner

  • You don't have to attain any particular degree to pursue your career as a wedding planner. Still, it is preferred to have a degree in any subjects like Communication, Public Relations, and Business. That will help you equip with the management skills. Topics related to wedding planning are Art, Business Studies, Drama, Music, Performing arts, English, Foreign languages, and Religious studies. 
  • Other than these, you have to be useful in some skills like attention to detail, business management, communication, customer service, creativity, financial planning, leadership, patience, time management, interpersonal skills, problem-solving capabilities, people management, organizing capacity, etc.

How To Become A Wedding Planner

Few steps that you can follow to become a wedding planner:

  • Firstly, getting an internship in any wedding planning company will help you learn about how wedding planning works. There are many wedding planning companies in India. Visit their websites and look if any opportunity for an internship is available. 
  • If you have a short amount of time, try to work as a volunteer in any wedding planning company as internships are very time-consuming. 
  • If any wedding is going to happen in your family or your friends, then try to organize and plan the whole wedding for free. Experience is the key to everything. To gain experience in the field of wedding planning, you can start by working for free. Don't forget to take photos of the wedding you have planned to create a portfolio.
  • There are many event planning firms and public relation company where you can apply for jobs as a beginner. You will get to learn and know many things from these jobs.
  • Joining classes of floral designing, cake designing, photography will help you to make the right decisions. There are online classes available too.
  • Try to understand the requirements of jobs in the wedding planner and maintain good relationships with the professional you have contact with.

Top Wedding Planning Institutes In India

  • The Wedding School, Mumbai
  • Wedding Management Institute, Delhi
  • Royale Institution, Pondicherry
  • College of Events and Media, Pune
  • Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development, Gurgaon
  • Impact Institute of Event Management, Delhi

Wedding Planner Entrance Exam

If you are willing to pursue the course of a wedding planner, then you don't have to sit for any entrance exam. There are institutions that allow admission without any test. They will charge you an amount of money for the diploma courses after you get admitted. 

Career Opportunities In Wedding Planner

Wedding planners are mainly specialized in event management. The career of any wedding planner is related to event management. A wedding planner has to plan and organize weddings and other ceremonies for different clients. 

Coordination and organization of work with various vendors and suppliers are also jobs of a wedding planner. Wedding planners must monitor multiple expenses for a wedding and effective communication for building a good network is also very important. 

Employment Sector/Industry For Wedding Planner

Jobs for wedding planners are not many. But if you get well-established in this field then despite having significantly less scope, you will shine. Sectors that are good for wedding planners are Event Management Companies, Wedding Planner Firms, Hotels, Resorts, Banquet Halls, Bridal Boutiques, etc.

Jobs In Wedding Planning

  • Event management 
  • Wedding Planner 
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Banquet halls
  • Bridal boutiques
  • Self-employment

Salary Of A Wedding Planner

A wedding planner does not have a fixed salary. Wedding planners charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total wedding budget. If the wedding happens abroad, then the amount they will be paid is very high and if that happens in India then based on the places, venues they will charge.

Study Material To Become A Wedding Planner

  • The Wedding Planner by Janet Evans
  • Bridal Planner by Party Paparazzi
  • The Great Indian Wedding Planner by Sonam Poddar Hissaria

Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Wedding Planner


  1. Opportunity to travel exotic locations around the world
  2. Independency in work 
  3. Traveling quite often
  4. Good income


  1. Can be exhausting sometimes
  2. Lack of stability
  3. No fixed working time

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