Video / Radio Jockey

How To Have A Career In Video/Radio Jockey

With the unprecedented growth in the music and television industry, professions such as video Jockey or radio jockey are emerging out to trend new-age careers. This is a talent-based field but requires one to hone his skills to achieve perfection. 

VJs today don't only host music shows, but also seen hosting reality shows and award functions. With the radio industry's growth and variety of channels emerging, challenge radio Jockeys are also in high demand. 

About the Video/Radio Jockey

About the Video/Radio Jockey:

There are so many alternative career options other than mainstream jobs that pay you well and offer an enjoyable and exciting environment. One of them is a Video/Radio jockey. 

  • A radio jockey or RJ is one who entertains the listeners of a radio program. They play music on the radio, delivered news, chat with the listeners, manage contests, and interview guests. 
  • A video Jockey or VJ is one who introduces and plays videos on commercial music television stations. 

Eligibility to become Video/Radio jockey

  • For UG level: No specific qualifications are required, you just have to complete your education till 12th grade in any stream. 

One can also apply directly to the channel for an audition and start working as an intern. 

  • For PG level: institutions may ask graduation from any stream, or short-term certificate and diploma courses in this field during the interview. 

However, institutions may give particular preferences to Mass Communication And journalism graduates.


How to become a Video/Radio Jockey

You are not required to be extremely educated to become a radio jockey or RJ and video jockey or VJ, but you do need some necessary skills and education. 

  • If one desires to start a career as a Video/Radio Jockey, they should first achieve a bachelor's degree or an undergraduate degree in mass communication. 
  • An internship in this field can take an aspirant in the right direction as it offers practical exposure. 
  • To make growth in this career one should take great professional contacts as referral works wonders at times. As a VJ or RJ, you should remember that networking is the key. 

However, referrals only work when you are great at what you do since this is a creative field; some of the qualities demanded are imagination, wit, and a voice that can move people.

Top Video/Radio Jockey institutes in India

Some of the top-rated institutions that offer certificate and diploma course in radio jockey and video jockey are: 

  • Xaviers Institute of Communication, Mumbai 
  • Indian Institute of mass communication, Delhi 
  • The Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad 
  • Symbiosis Institution of media and communication, Pune 
  • Academy of Radio Management, new Delhi 
  • Radio City School of broadcasting, Mumbai

Radio Jockey entrance exams

The entrance exam for radio jockey courses is conducted by encompass Institute of radio management. Some institutes also conduct their screening test and voice test in certificate courses such as the IIMC entrance examination for PG in radio and TV journalism, XIC online entrance test, and A J K Mass Communication entrance test.

Career opportunities in Video/Radio Jockey

There is a number of scope and job opportunities for radio jockey and video jockey in the entertainment and media industry. If you wish to start a career as a radio jockey or video jockey, you can go for it without wasting your time. Music channels are increasing daily on TV, and Video jockey is becoming an exciting career option among youth. There are several areas where you can work as an RJ or VJ like television, radio, restaurants, music stores, etc. 

Employment Sector/ Industry for Video/Radio Jockey

With the opening of airwaves, radio jockeys are in demand to the private sectors. They can work with various leading FM channels and private radio ventures such as AIR, Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Red FM, and many other independent radio stations. 

With different music channels on TV, video jockey is becoming an exciting career choice for this generation. The main task of the VJ is to host music-related shows.VJs are mainly employed by music show producers, music channels, and film-based programs.

Jobs in Video/Radio Jockey

If you possess the needed skills and experience, you have many job opportunities where you can show off your skills. Some of the job prospects for Video/Radio jockey are: 

  • Announcer 
  • Production Director 
  • FM /AM radio Jockeys 
  • Satellite Radio Jockey 
  • Talk Show host 
  • Music show host 
  • News Reader 
  • On AIR personalities

Salary of a Video/Radio Jockey

If you start your career as a big radio jockey, you can expect a salary up to rupees 2-4 LPA. After gaining experience, the pay will be doubled, and depending on the show's popularity, RJs can earn 10-15 LPA. 

Video Jockey can earn a starting salary of rupees 3-5 LPA. As you get famous and become a known face in the industry with some real on-camera experience, your salary will grow.

Study material to become a Video/Radio Jockey

Here are some of the best study material and books required to pursue Video/Radio Jockey: 

  • How to become a radio D J: A guide to breaking and entering by Mike Staff  
  • Encyclopedia of journalism and mass communication by O Gupta 
  • Radio Jockey handbook by Simran Kohli

Pros and cons of becoming a Video/Radio Jockey


  1. Able to create a positive impact on the masses. 
  2. It is a fusion of music and performing arts.


  1. A hectic schedule is followed.
  2. The initial salary is less.

FAQs about Video / Radio Jockey