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How To Have A Career In UI Designing

UI designing is one of the most in-demand skills in 2020. The world is going digital. People are using online services and digital products more than ever. Websites and apps are taking over the conventional marketplace.

When you see a website or an app aesthetically beautiful or skillfully designed, the chance is that a UI designer creates that. The full form of UI designing is user interface designing. User interface represents platforms where users can interact with web apps or even normal apps.

With the technological advancement happening so fast, the conventional market is also changing as businesses are shifting online. From video meeting app to fitness app, from eCommerce website to medicine websites, UI designers are designing all the trendy apps worldwide.

About the UI Designer

UI designers design beautiful apps and websites for users to interact. The designing part involves long discussions with the client about their target audience and the product they are trying to sell. UI designers usually have an interest in color, typography, and designing. 

UI designers don't just only design beautiful interfaces. They have to keep in mind that interfaces have to be efficiently functional for effortless interaction. UI designers see things from the client's perspective and then design only to meet their standards.

They also need to have technical skills like wireframing. They keep in touch with the developers to ensure the development is running based on the designs.

Eligibility to Become a UI Designer

If you are interested in UI designing, the good news is you don't need any certifications. A knack for designing things will do the trick. There is no set of rules and criteria regarding UI designing. Any graduate from any stream or even high school pass-outs also can enroll in a UI course.

But if you have any similar designing job experience, it would be easy to get into this profession. But students should get into a UI training institute after they complete the 12th studies.

How To Become A UI Designer

There are some steps to follow if you want to be a UI designer-

  • Before anything, grasp the basics of UI designing. You need to be good with the basics to get a job. Start by taking online courses. There are plenty of online classes on sites like Udemy, and even on Youtube, there are free UI designing courses.
  • Get your hands on the industry tools. Softwares like Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD are some of the industry-standard tools. You can learn using these tools from Youtube videos.
  • After completing the previous steps, you can enroll yourself in a UI designing Bootcamp. Bootcamps are best for micing your basic theory with industry demanded skills. Convert yourself from a newbie to a qualified designer by attending boot camps.
  • Getting some experience in the real-life can be extremely beneficial. Designing for free for a local website and taking up projects to check your knowledge in the domain is a wise choice of action.
  • Lastly, you have to do a little bit of networking. Open an account on LinkedIn. Connect to recruiters and other professionals who can help you land a job in the domain. Show them the things you have worked on. Even if rejected, always ask for feedback.

Top UI Designing Schools In India

  • NID (National Institute of Design).
  • IDC, IIT Bombay.
  • Department of Design, IIT Guwahati.
  • Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology, Bangalore.
  • MAEER's MIT Institute of Design, Pune.
  • Indian School of Design and Innovation (ISDI), Mumbai.
  • D J Academy of Design, Coimbatore.
  • École intuit.lab, French Institute of Design and Communication, Mumbai.
  • NICC, International College of Design, Bangalore.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design.

UI Designing Entrance Exam

There is no single examination that will assure your admission to the UI designing courses in India. Different institutes are conducting various exams based on their criteria.


Symbiosis Institute of Design conducts Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Designing(SEED). D J Academy conducts an autonomous exam. ISDI Mumbai conducts an ISDI challenge for aspiring students. For getting into an IIT, one has to clear an exam named UCEED.

Career Opportunities for UI Designing

The career opportunities in this field are good. This is because we are turning to new technologies at a very fast pace. There are always new openings in UI designing. In 2019 UI designing ranked third among the list of 19 most in-demand skills.

According to indeed.com, there are 5900 jobs in this field where LinkedIn and Glassdoor reported vacancies around 5500 and 1500, respectively.

Employment Sector/Industry for UI Designers

There are a lot of industries where UI designers get work. But the tech industry ranks top in recruiting UI designers. As various businesses are going online, they are recruiting UI designers as well.

They also work in eCommerce, healthcare, banking, tour and travel, education sector. They can work as a freelancer or as a remote employee.

Jobs In the UI Designing

  • User Researcher.
  • Wireframe Expert.
  • Content Strategist.
  • Usability Tester.
  • Interaction Designer.
  • Visual Designer (UI Designer).
  • Product Designer.

Salary Of a UI Designer

According to Payscale, a UI designer's average base salary is around 487,289 rupees per annum in India. But if you gather some experience in this field, you can earn a good amount of money. The average salary of an experienced UI designer is 15.5 LPA in India.

There are also some firms like Google and Zoomcar offering 20-30 LPA for skilled designers. In the USA the annual salary of a UI designer is around $80,000.

Study Material to Become UI Designer

  • The Design of Everyday Things (Don Norman)
  • Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (Steve Krug)
  • Thinking, Fast And Slow (Daniel Kahneman)
  • Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience (Jeff Gothelf with Josh Seiden)
  • The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less (Barry Schwartz)

Pros & Cons of Becoming a UI Designer


  1. Fat Paycheck according to industry standards.
  2. One gets to contribute to designing a product that will be used by a large number of people.
  3. Exposure to different projects and interesting ideas.


  1. Sometimes because of the communication gap with the client, the product designing suffers in the middle.
  2. Office politics.
  3. Long working hours to meet deadlines.

FAQs about UI Design