Spa Management

How To Have A Career In Spa Management

Spa management deals with the concept of gaining expertise in a Spa treatment, lifestyle, beauty, and grooming industry. Spa management teaches the different aspects of grooming, it can be a part of the hospitality business. To step into this unique field one needs to have an overview of the pros and cons of choosing spa management as a career. 

To be in this industry one needs to have strong communication skills, leadership qualities and should be responsible enough to be able to delegate work and get it done on time. The fast-growing pace of life and development in the lifestyle of the elite class has created room for the Spa industry. 

It has created a niche among other developing industries. Spa treatment gets new and innovative ways of pampering and body care, this is one major reason behind the surge in the Spa management professionals and industry. Spa and masseur have become an essential part of lives to get rid of the stress and provide some time for oneself to get mental peace.

About Spa Management

Spa management provides a complete knowledge about the various spa treatments, helps in developing leadership skills, decision making abilities keeping in mind the norms of the industry, techniques managing the financial operations to run this business, and the tactics of dealing with the clients by keeping mind the comfort of the clients. 

The various courses available in Spa management are Spa treatment and Aromatherapy, Spa treatment and Evolution, Spa Issues in Spa management and Resort, Nutrition, and Skin Care Basics. The topics covered in Spa Management are Lifestyle management, Day/Resort spa, History of Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Skin Analysis, Anatomy, and Physiology.

Eligiblity to get into Spa Management

There are various career options that can be explored in the spa management industry. It is a unique profession where one need not require a high degree qualification, most colleges look for candidates who are interested in knowing the nuances of spa treatment, spa management, and the skills of running a spa business with a minimum graduate degree. There are various specializations offered in spa management by famous institutes that want to pursue a career in Spa management.

How to become A Spa Manager

There is no prerequisite qualification required for this profession, it is more of vocational training, the only quality this profession demands is patience and passion to learn the new skills of spa treatment and management industry. There are some renowned Institutes that provide diplomas, degrees in Spa management, here these institutions look for a minimum qualification of 10+2 or a graduate certificate from any recognized university in any subject. 

All sorts of management job titles require some kind of certification or degree in business management such that one can operate and run the business smoothly even if it be that of a Spa manager. Certification in fitness, therapies, Yoga, CPR, Aesthetics massage, First Aid can further help in procuring a better status/position in the Spa management Industry.

Top Institutes offering Spa Management

  • Oriental Spa Academy
  • Annabel Spa Institute
  • Indian Institute of Spa Management and Research
  • Ispaa  International Spa Academy
  • Ananda Spa Institute 
  • School of Wellness
  • Istha International Spa Therapy and Ayurveda Academy
  • Global Academy of Professional Studies

Entrance Exams for Spa Management

There are no such specific entrance exams conducted for acquiring a seat in Spa Management but there are few institutes who conduct their own entrance tests to procure a seat in the particular institute.

Career Opportunities in Spa Management

There are unique career paths in Spa management such as a Spa designer, Spa manager, Spa marketing manager. If a student has a certificate or valid degree in Spa management then there is room for employment opportunities, there is a high chance to get employed by a hospitality giant. 

There is the scope of good remuneration, if one gets a placement in a renowned spa and gains exposure to working it can enable one to travel the world. The duties of a Spa manager include planning weekly schedules, general bookkeeping, recruiting spa staff, designing marketing activities, designing marketing activities, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Employment Sector/ Industry for Spa Management

  • Resorts
  • Hospitality sectors
  • Health care 
  • Fitness centers
  • Spa
  • Plastic Surgery or Dermatologist office
  • Salons
  • Medical Spa facilities

Job opportunities in Spa Management

  • General Spa manager
  • Spa Designer
  • Spa marketing manager
  • Personal Services Consultant
  • Menu Planner

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment in this field is expected to grow by 11%from 2018 to 2028. Taking up a career in Spa management for students could be beneficial.

Salary in Spa Management

A lot of factors are responsible for the salary of a Spa professional like the popularity of the spa, customer services, profit generated, and the varieties of treatment offered in the Spa. The median salary in Spa management ranges between 10K - 40K depending on all the above factors. According to the US Labor of Statistics around 3,02200 first-line Spa supervisors or Spa managers were employed with a median salary of $38,400in 2018.

Study materials for Spa Mnagement

  • International Spa Management: Principles and Practice, Sarah Rawlinson
  • Understanding the Global Spa Industry, Marc Cohen , Gerard Boodekar
  • Spa management: An introduction, Mary S. Wisnom, Lisa L. Capozio
  • Textbook of Spa Management, Dr. SonaliKarnik
  • International Spa Association Educational Resources
  • Global Wellness Publication
  • The Psychology of Spas and Wellbeing by Jeremy McCarthy

Pros and Cons of Spa Management


  • Suitable for people who like working indoors
  • Less qualification requirement
  • Independence of decision making
  • Exposure to the world
  • Intimate networking with people


  • Long working hours
  • Low pay scale
  • Work pressure to meet the sales target.

FAQs about Spa Management