How to have a Career In Sales

It seems there is no specific qualification and high-quality education needed to begin a career in Sales. The sale is a crucial part of the marketing industry, sales are all about the strategy, representation, and communication skills of the salesperson. In the marketing industry with the growing competitiveness to sell one’s product, there is always a scope of employment for salespeople. 

The sales job is all about the tactics of how you can keep the customer engaged,  and the ability to convince them to buy your product. The attention span of customers is very constrained so the sales representatives need to be very concise in their description of the products which they are trying to sell. 

Though this career offers lucrative pay it is exhausting work for professionals who do not have a command over their speaking or communicating skills or those who do not prefer working verbally. 

About Sales

Sales are not just about what you sell it is the way in which a salesperson is approaching the customer, communicating with them, and the level of honesty with which they are trying to persuade the other person to buy the product. To be able to sell something a person needs to know the product in and out very well.  

In this profession, a salesperson has to communicate with different people coming from different backgrounds so one has to completely prepared for these situations and should possess the ability to hook them to your words. The attention span of the customer remains constrained for a very short span of time so it is very important for the salesperson to remain concise in the description of the product.

How to become a Sales professional

To start a career in Sales the first and foremost skill required is self-confidence. To venture into Sales one needs to be completely aware of the qualities needed to step into this field and make a niche for yourself. 

The work of a salesperson is quite exhausting, on day to day basis you will have to be self-driven and self-motivated to be able to sustain in the field. The sale is a profession where one needs to understand that their strategy has to be innovative one tactic cannot be applied to all. In this field, you have to compete with your own self each day to hone your skills and match the target. 

In this career, you get to establish an intimate social network that can last for life if you have an impressive sales strategy and able to convince your customers with sheer integrity.

Eligibility to get into Sales

To become a sales professional any graduate from a recognized university from a commerce background is eligible for entry-level jobs, but with rapidly growing competition in the marketing industry, the recruiting MNCs prefer candidates with a higher degree qualification in the department of marketing public relations and human resource management such as an MBA in marketing and finance. A BBA in marketing or a diploma in sales is also considered by companies for placements.

Top Institutes offering degree in Sales

  • National Institute of Securities Markets, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Management Indore
  • Faculty of Management Studies New Delhi
  • Indian School of Business Hyderabad

Entrance Exams for Sales

The various entrance exams conducted to offer MBA in Sales Management are:

  • CAT
  • CMAT
  • GMAT
  • XAT
  • MAT

Career opportunities in Sales

The department of sales is there in every industry and almost every one of them requires a sales manager, the duties of a sales manager involves keeping the level of motivation high among the members of his team, delegating tasks to sales representatives planning and organizing sales strategy, compiling and analyzing sale’s figure, monitoring team’s performance, training the sales representatives to reach the target. 

The other job profiles available in the Sales department are of a Public Relation Specialist, Public Relation Manager, Sales Executive, Marketing Manager, Customer Service Manager.

Employment sector /Industry for Sales

The division of Sales is there in every sector so there are numerous companies who hire candidates in the sales departments. The various companies hiring sales representatives are Hospitality, Insurance, Finance, IT Firms, Advertising, Retailing,  Consultancies, International Trade Films, Government Commercial Enterprises, Export Firms, Manufacturing technical consumer goods companies.

Job Opportunities in Sales

A Sales professional can work as

  • Chief Sales Executive
  • VP of Sales
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Sales Operations Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Sales Development REP (SDR)
  • Sales Engineer
  • Account Executive

Salary in Sales

The salary of a person in the department of sales solely depends on the years of work experience. For a newcomer in the field, the job title provided is of a sales representative. The average salary ranges between 15k to 20k per month. 

With years of experience, they get promoted to the position of a junior sales manager here salary raise and ranges between 500k-800k. Further promotions are made on the basis of performance.

Study Materials for Sales

To enhance the sales strategies and broaden your knowledge on how to deal with different customers, tackle the different situations some books by famous authors are consulted for sales representatives. The following books are :

  • Predictable Revenue book by Marylou Tyler and Aron Ross
  • The Accidental Sales Manager by Christ Lytlee
  • Sales Management for Dummies by Butch Bellah

Pros and Cons of having a career in Sales


  • Leadership qualities 
  • Potential income
  • Well networking
  • The flexibility of workplace and working hours
  • Financial security


  • Stressful 
  • Challenging
  • Work pressure to reach the target on time
  • Time constraints

FAQs about Sales