Product Design

How To Have A Career In Product Designing

Product designing is the art of thinking, creating, modifying, and renovating different kinds of products of different companies. It is done to solve a specific problem in a specific product. It is also done to make the products more appealing or cater to the needs of the public at a given time. The people who perform this job are called product designers. For being a successful product designer, one has to have a very optimistic attitude toward the company as well as to the customers. Without this virtue, this job will appear to be a lot more difficult and tiring than it actually is.

Product designing makes sure that customers can find their desired merchandise very easily, the cost price is not much. It also makes sure that shopping is peaceful, hygienic, and appealing to all the customers. It also cares about the satisfaction of a customer. To the sectors of Product designing, the customer is synonymous with God. It is one of the fastest-growing industries of the modern age. And in the coming future, it promises to be among the top industries and it is evident from the way it is expanding each day.

About the Product Designer

A Product designer has a wide range of duties and responsibilities based on his specialization and skill set. To be a good product designer, a person needs to be a good speaker able to captivate the minds of customers. 

He/she needs to have a polite demeanor and absolutely no grudge on customers no matter how bad the behavior of a customer is. They should remember that their only priority is the customer. 

A Product designer also needs to be patient to achieve success in this field of product designing. A positive attitude, involvement, and optimism further make the person better. Currently, it is one of the most alluring and attractive industries and if one can have all the above qualities, one can really flourish in this field and earn a lot within a short span of time in any part of the world.

Eligibility to become a Product designer

A person can pursue Product designing at UG and PG levels in India.

  • Diploma Course: For this, one has to pass class 10+2 from any board.
  • UG Course: For this, one has to pass class 10+2 from any board from any stream with a minimum aggregate of 50%.
  • MBA Course: For this, one has to pass class 10+2 from any board and apply for this degree in any private or government institute. A government institute is always preferred over any private institute.
  • PG Course: After the completion of the undergraduate degree one can opt for the post-graduate degree from any college or university. It is always advised to go for this degree before searching for jobs.

How to Become a Product Designer

  • After completion of the +2, one must opt for an undergraduate degree in the field of product designing in any college.
  • After that, do the bachelor’s degree with a good aggregate.
  • An undergraduate degree does not always offer a job.
  • So, the next target should be the masters which guarantee a job in almost all cases.
  • One should also go for Internship courses during the course for gathering experience in the real field.

Top Product Designing Institutes in India

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, Navi Mumbai.
  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
  • Arena Animation, Bangalore.
  • National Institute of Design, Bangalore.
  • YMCA Institute for Office Management, New Delhi.

Product Designing Entrance Exams

There are no such entrance examinations. One who has passed 10+2 with a good academic percentage may apply for an undergraduate product designing course in any government or private institute. It does not matter to which the candidate belongs. He/she can be from any background. But a scientific mind makes the candidate lucrative and is desired by companies who hire people.

Career Opportunities inProduct designing

Product designing happens to be the most dynamic industry of current times. Offering more than 2 million jobs in the country, it happens to be one of the most rapidly growing sectors of not only India but of the entire globe. It comprises a wide variety of jobs. Some of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies are a part of this industry. After the completion of the UG or the PG courses, students can apply for jobs as supervisors, advertisers, and also in Information Technology firms.

Employment Sector/Industry for Product Designing

Over 2 million jobs are offered by this industry to people all over the country in various national and multi-national companies. Starting from managerial jobs in private organizations to analyst, product designing seldom fails to offer a job to the people pursuing it. One who has a true passion for it never fails to make their customers happy.

Jobs in Product Designing

  • Marketing.
  • Advertiser.
  • Public Relations Manager.
  • IT Sectors.
  • Social Media Platforms.
  • Software Companies.

Salary of a Product Designer

The starting salary ranges from around 20,000 to 30,000 per month. With the increase in experience and skills, it can go up to 2,00,000 per month.

Study Material to Become a Product Designer

  • Hooked by Nir Eyal.
  • Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.
  • Sprint by Jake Knapp.

Pros & Cons of Becoming a Product Designing


  • It brings a very good amount of job satisfaction.
  • A very good income.
  • Product designers get a chance to show their creative side to the world.
  • One can join a company and still work as a freelancer.


  • The salary given to an employee at the start of the job is comparatively less compared to other sectors.
  • The job of product designing can be very much hectic at times which often results in depressions. 

FAQs about Product Design