Mass Communication

How To Have A Career In Mass Communication

Mass Communication is the act of transferring or imparting or exchanging messages or information with the help of mass media. It is used to transfer information to a large group or a segment of people.  The act of mass communication relates to various types of media. 

This process of communication is a very unique and helpful way of communication. Advertising and journalism are an integral part of mass communication. This type of communication is not the typical way in which a normal man converses each day. It is different from interpersonal communication. 

Mass communication focuses on the resource via which information passes from one person to another. In short, the transmission of a message to many people at a particular time is called mass communication. 

About the Mass Communicator

A Mass Communicator has a wide range of duties and responsibilities based on his specialization and skill set. Some of them can perform their duties indoors and others can do it outdoors. Indoor jobs are in more number compared to outdoor in our nation. 

Basically, a Mass Communicator is a medium through which you can convey messages to the people, to the mass. A Mass Communicator can work in an ad agency or can even be a journalist. 

To be a good Mass Communicator, you should be very polite to people, have the patience to convey the entire message to people, have the skills to design messages and stories. You should also have in-depth knowledge about the subject.

Eligibility to become a Mass Communicator

A career in Mass Communication can be pursued at UG and PG levels. There are a lot of different types of degrees on this stream.

  • UG Level: You can pursue a career in Mass Communication/ Advertising/ Journalism/ BA Hons. This is a three long year course. After this, one can go for the post-graduate degree available.
  • PG Level: An UG degree does not always offer a job. So, one should go for the next level. A PG degree can be pursued from any government or private institute. But a government institute is always prioritized over a private one.
  • Many Diploma degrees are also available at various universities.
  • One should also go for Internship courses during the course of study. This helps them gather experience and knowledge and in turn, makes them more suitable for a job.

How to Become a Mass Communicator

  • After completion of the +2, one must opt for an undergraduate degree in the field of mass communication, journalism, or MBA in any college.
  • After that, do the bachelor’s degree with a good aggregate.
  • An undergraduate degree does not always offer a job.
  • So, the next target should be the masters which guarantee a job in almost all cases.
  • It is always advised to go for internships during the course, as an internship increases the chance of a job.
  • Students should focus on their working skills rather than gaining bookish knowledge. Skills are indeed required to become successful in this field.

Top Mass Communication Institutes in India

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.
  • Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad.
  • Xavier’s Institute of Communication.
  • Monjee Institute of Management, Mumbai.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune.

Mass Communication Entrance Exams

There are no such entrance exams. One can apply for an undergraduate course after he/she has completed 10+2 with a decent aggregate. The stream of the candidate is not a factor. One can either opt for mainstream mass communication or go for journalism or advertising.  

Career Opportunities in Mass Communication

Many different varieties of jobs are there for people who belong to this stream. Starting from social media marketing to film direction to creative direction to journalists, there will never be a shortage of jobs in this stream. If done with integrity, one can get a very comfortable job easily.

Employment Sector/Industry for Mass Communicators

One who has the required qualities like effective communication, leadership skills, presentation skills, persuasiveness can get a job as writers, copywriters, visualizers, scriptwriters, photographers, journalists, animators in any television, news, or radio platform. They can also work as a freelancer.

Jobs in Mass Communicators

  • Fashion Photographer.
  • Film Director.
  • TV Correspondent.
  • Producer.
  • Radio Jockey.
  • Screenwriter.
  • Sound Engineer.
  • Video Jockey.
  • Art Director.
  • Event Manager.
  • Editor.
  • Public Relations Officer.

Salary of a Mass Communicator

The salary of a Mass Communicator depends on the size of the agency for which a candidate works. While some agencies have a big set up others have a rather small one. The greater number of employees a company has more will be the salary of each employee. The salary of an individual also depends on their ability, skills, experience, and qualification. 

As an amateur, when you get into the company the salary be not be satisfactory sometimes but with the passage and gather of experience and efficiency, the salary eventually goes higher. Mostly the starting salary for an amateur is around twenty thousand per month. But eventually, it can go to a lakh per month depending on the company and the experience one has gathered.


Study Material to Become a Mass Communicator

  • Mass Communication in India by Keval Kumar.
  • Contagious by Jonah Berger.
  • The Dynamic of Mass Communication by Joseph Dominick.
  • Hey Whipple Squeeze This by Luke Sullivan

Pros & Cons of Becoming a Mass Communicator


  • The jobs are mostly satisfying.
  • Jobs are often challenging which sparks excitement among the people working.
  • The salary packages are often very heavy.
  • People often get to meet legends in this field.


  • Long, inflexible stretches of work often result in many health hazards.
  • It often takes a long time to perfect the moves.
  • Any form of art requires a huge amount of dedication and hard work. So, this form of art is difficult.

FAQs about Mass Communication