Luxury Brand Management

How to have a career in Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand Management is the act of procuring the desired merchandise from retail stores by customers for their personal use. All steps necessary to bring a customer to the shop to satisfy their buying needs are included. Luxury Brand Management is time-saving and much more satisfying than any other job. It gives candidates a chance to taste the essence of luxurious brands and products. The experience is totally heavenly. A lot of people opt for this stream and achieve success. But in this stream, one has to have a very positive attitude towards the customers and be very optimistic about their job. Without these virtues, this job will appear to be a lot more difficult and tiring than it actually is.

Luxury Brand Management makes sure that customers can find their desired merchandise very easily. Once a person starts using luxurious products, one cannot ever again resist using them. It also makes sure that shopping is peaceful, hygienic, and appealing to all the customers. It also cares about the satisfaction of a customer. To the sectors of Luxury Brand Management, the customer is synonymous with God. It is not the fastest growing industry of the modern age but in the coming future, it promises to be among the top industries of the world. 

About the Luxury Brand Manager

A Luxury Brand Manager has a wide range of duties and responsibilities based on his specialization and skill set. To be a good luxury brand manager, a person needs to be a good speaker able to captivate the minds of customers. He/she needs to have a polite demeanor and absolutely no grudge on customers no matter how bad the behavior of a customer is. They should remember that their only priority is the customer. A Luxury Brand Manager also needs to be patient to achieve success in this field of retail management. A positive attitude, involvement, and optimism further make the person better. Currently, it is not the most alluring and attractive industries but with the increase in its popularity over the past few years, the day is not too far.

Eligibility to become a Luxury Brand Manager

To become a market researcher, to pursue a career in market research, the minimum eligibility is a Bachelor in Business Management(BBA) degree which can be pursued from any government or private educational institute by the candidate after he/she has completed her 10+2 from a recognized board with an overall percentage of at least 50%. BBA is a basic degree and can only offer you a basic job or maybe a junior analyst. To get a more satisfying and well-paid job, one should go for the postgraduate degree of MBA. One can also opt for a Doctorate degree in Business Administration from any university. These degrees will make you more suitable for a job. In a nutshell, the higher the degree, the higher is the salary offered.

How to Become a Luxury Brand Manager

  • After completion of the +2, one must opt for an undergraduate degree in the field of retail management in any college.
  • After that, do the bachelor’s degree with a good aggregate. Their main focus should not be on bookish knowledge rather on practical knowledge.
  • An undergraduate degree does not always offer a job.
  • So, the next target should be the masters which guarantee a job in almost all cases.
  • You should always go for internship courses.

Top Luxury Brand Management Institutes in India

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
  • SP Jain School of Global Management, Mumbai.
  • Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad.
  • Shaheed Sukhdev College, New Delhi.

Luxury Brand Management Entrance Exams

There are no such entrance examinations. One who has passed 10+2 with a good academic percentage may apply for an undergraduate retail management course in any government or private institute. It does not matter to which the candidate belongs. He/she can be from any background. But a scientific mind makes the candidate lucrative and is desired by companies who hire people. A candidate from a Government institute gets more priority than one from a private institute.

Career Opportunities in Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Brand management happens to be the most dynamic industry of current times. Offering more than 2 million jobs in the country, it happens to be one of the most rapidly growing sectors of not only India but of the entire globe. It comprises a wide variety of jobs. Some of the world’s biggest and most powerful companies are a part of this industry. After the completion of the UG or the PG courses, students can apply for jobs as supervisors, client communicators, shippers, managers of stores and warehouses, or the brand itself.

Employment Sector/Industry for Luxury Brand Management

Over 2 million jobs are offered by this industry to people all over the country in various national and multi-national companies. Starting from managerial jobs in private organizations to analyst, luxury brand management seldom fails to offer a job to the people pursuing it. One who has a true passion for it never fails to make their customers happy.

Jobs in Luxury Brand Management

  • Store Manager.
  • Retail Buyer.
  • Merchandiser.
  • Analyst.
  • Supply Chain Distributor.
  • Brand Manager.
  • Department Manager.
  • Warehouse Manager.
  • Image Promoter.

Salary of a Luxury Brand Manager

The salary of such an individual is almost 3 lakhs per year. With time and work efficiency, the salary can even go up.

Study Material to Become a Luxury Brand Manager

  • The Science of Shopping.
  • Drive.
  • Why we Buy.
  • The Nordstorm Way.

Pros & Cons of Becoming a Luxury Brand Management


  • The work format is very satisfying and exciting.
  • Growth is rapid.


  • Competition is deadly. Sometimes leads to severe depression among employees. 
  • Paperwork is a lot. 
  • The work hours and not at all flexible.

FAQs about Luxury Brand Management