Leather Design

How To Have A Career In Leather Design

Leather technology and Leather designing is a career sector that's rapidly growing. Many times, the fashion industry considers leather designing a part of it, and leather designing is absolutely an independent career sector.

A few years ago, people worked on the basis of their experience in the leather industry, but now with proper education, i.e. certificate courses, degree and diploma courses are available in leather designing and leather technology.


About the Leather Designer

As the leather designing career option is the newly emerging popular career option, people are not well-versed in the responsibilities and duties in the profession of leather designing.

In order to understand the nature of duties, work, and responsibilities of a professional in leather designing; we can compare it with the subject of garment designing. Basic designing of any leather apparel or good on paper or computer is the first step of leather. 

Eligibility To Become A Leather Designer

The eligibility which must be fulfilled by the aspiring candidates to pursue a career as Leather Designer is given in the points below:

In leather design, for pursuing a Bachelor's degree, you should have passed your Class 10th as well as 12th qualifying examination from a recognized state or national board of education.

How To Become A Leather Design

  • Step 1: Take any stream at the +2 level:

To take up undergraduate studies in design, you can choose any stream at +2 level. However, if you wish to take up BTech in Leather Technology at Bachelor's level, you should opt for Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

  • Step 2: Take a Bachelor of Design in Leather Design/ Btech in Leather Technology:

You can take up a BDes course of four-year duration with specialization in Leather design / Leather goods and accessory design offered by institutes in India (NIFT/ FDDI). 


  • Diploma and PG Diploma courses in Leather technology and design of duration 1 to 1 ½ years are available (CSIR- CLRI)
  • There are also short duration courses in the design of specific leather accessories offered by institutes in India and abroad.
  • Step 3: Take a Master of Design:

A master's course exclusively for leather design is not commonly available, but you can take up MDes in Apparel design or Lifestyle Accessory design, including the design of leather items.

Top Leather Designing Institutes in India

An increase in this field's popularity among skilled professionals has led to informal training mainly for the implementation of the latest technology. This has boosted and increased to a number of colleges/institutes offering certificate/degree/diploma courses. Though Leather designing is attractive; however, a degree/diploma in leather production can help you get a job in the leather manufacturing tanneries and companies. 

Some of the popular courses by reputed colleges of India are mentioned below:

  1. National Institute of Fashion Technology- Located in Kolkata.
  2. FDDI School of Fashion- Located in Noida.
  3. Govt. Polytechnic, located in Mumbai.
  4. National Institute of Fashion Technology- Located in New Delhi.

Leather Design Entrance Exams

Entrance exams in designing comprise a written test to examine the candidate's skill and knowledge for the candidate's program.

Once you have already cleared the exam, you will have to go through a situation personal interview, test, and group discussion. However, these criteria may vary from one institute to another.

Here are some popular entrance exams for admissions into Leather Designing:

  • CEED: Common Entrance Examination for Design
  • SOFT: School of Fashion Technology Entrance Examination
  • PAF: Pearl Academy of Fashion
  • AIEED: All India Entrance Examination for Design

Career Opportunities in Leather Designing

In today's world, Leather designing is a lucrative career option. Both international and domestic companies are seeking high tech, and well-trained leather designers due to leather products have become a part of the fashion industry and trend.

Rapid and Frequent progression is there on the basis of performance and experience. A leather designer can also start their own business and can work as a freelancer.

Employment Sector/Industry For Leather Designing

You can find a job as brand managers, designers, and product visual merchandisers and entrepreneurs. You can also work as technical and style designers. After sufficient experience, you can also consider putting up your own unit. As far as career growth and progression are concerned, it is completely performance-based, and the sky is your limit.

Jobs in Leather Designing

Some of the top recruiting organizations/companies/ agencies for Leather Designing are given in the points below:

  • Apparel Manufacturers
  • Apparel Wholesalers
  • Television and Film Industry
  • Leather Accessory Designing
  • Chemical Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Freelance Leather Designing

Salary of Leather Design

The pay scale for a Leather Design depends upon the expertise and experience of the engineer.

The average annual salary for different job roles and on the basis of experience level for a leather design graduate is closely around Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum.

As per the general survey of BLS, the average salary in Leather and Allied Product Manufacturing in the year 2012 was between $22,000 and $1,81,000 depends on the education, skills, experience, position, and geographical location.


Study Material to Become Leather Design

Some of the recommended books and study materials for Leather Designing are given below: -

  1. NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by Surendra Kavimandan
  2. NIFT National Entrance Exam by R.P. Verma
  3. Prashant Kumar's NIFT Entrance Examination Preparation Guide
  4. Concepts of Pattern Grading by Carolyn L. Moore
  5. NIFT by Sonia Sahney
  6. NIFT: Previous Years' Papers (Solved) by Ramesh Publishing House

Pros & Cons of Becoming A Leather Design


  • Being a leather designer is a creative process. Once your product is complete, you will get an immense amount of satisfaction and used by others.
  • The field will give you a lot of opportunities to meet different people.
  • You can take help of the designing software and reduce your workload.


  • If you are new in the market, they have to set their cost at a lower level.
  • You may be required to work for longer hours to meet the deadlines.
  • You are required to read the requirement of the market and individuals and design accordingly.

FAQs about Leather Design