Graphic Design

How To Have A Career In Graphic Design

A career in graphic designing is one of the most successful professions that many people with creative minds and skills take on these days. If you believe you have the potential and imagination, you should go for it. 

It is not simple to succeed in a career in this field, so you have to be confident or develop the right skill-sets or opt for higher research-based learning. The competition in graphic design is fierce, but the demand is extensive as well. 

About the Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are professionals who design art in print and electronic media, such as magazines, television graphics, logos, and websites. 

  • They create their visual concept, by hand or by using computer software, to communicate ideas that form and inspire customers. 
  • They strengthen the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. 

Eligibility to become a Graphic Designer

The essential eligibility criteria for graphic design courses are: 

  • For UG level: Candidates can secure admission in a UG level graphic design course if they have completed 10+2 from an identified board with passing marks. 

Aspirants can be from any of the streams to take admission in a UG graphic design course. 

  • For PG level: To secure admission in a PG graphic design course, a candidate should have completed graduation from a recognized college or institution. That being said, most colleges prefer a graduate with a bachelor's degree in design only. 

However, aspirants from other streams are sometimes eligible to apply for admission in the graphic design course if they possess the required skillset and aptitude. 

How to become a Graphic Designer

To become a designer, you need to develop marketable skills that employees and clients value, including strong drawing skills, knowledge of graphic design theory, and a lot more. 

  • A design degree, diploma, or certification means the existing known to get into the profession. It is advisable to complete your formal education as it helps in the long run. 
  • Candidates in designing jobs should know the use and application of different design-related software on laptops and tablets. 
  • While on the study course, if you come across any internal freelancing project where you can display what you are studied so far, take up this project. 

Attend job fairs to meet prospective employers. You can also use social media to create an impressive professional network online. 

Top Graphic Design institutes in India

Some reputed and well-known graphic design institutes in India are listed below. 

  • National Institute of digital art and animation (IIDAA) 
  • Birla Institute of Technology 
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 
  • Indian School of Design and innovation, Mumbai 
  • Symbiosis Centre of Design, Pune 

Graphic Design entrance exam

The process of admission in different colleges differs from each other. Some colleges have direct entries while some colleges required candidates to pass an entrance examination. 

Some of the standard entrance examinations conducted for graphic design courses are the NID entrance exam, All India Entrance Examination for design, and CEED entrance exam. 

Career opportunities in Graphic Design

Career opportunities in graphic design could include a design for print media, mobile device application, website, electronic publications, and video. Design plays a vital role in market, media, advertising, publicity, promotion, and Communications for organizations in both public and private sectors. 

Employment Sector/Industry for a Graphic Designer

There are various employment opportunities for graphic designers in different sectors. Some of the top sector/ industries that require graphic designers are: 

  • Television industry 
  • MNCs 
  • Corporate business 
  • Web designing 
  • Publishing houses 
  • Printing and publishing firms 
  • Commercial packaging 
  • Design studios 
  • TV and film company 
  • Training institutes 

Jobs in Graphic Design

Graphic design job profiles depend on the experience and the type of education the candidate has. Listed here are some of the job profiles for a graphic designer. 

  • Web designer 
  • Industrial designer 
  • Art directors 
  • Mobile designers 
  • Logo designers 
  • Multimedia artist or animator 
  • Video and film editor 
  • Product designer 

Salary of Graphic Designer

On average, graphic designers extract around rupees 3-5 LPA. An exceptional specialist can earn as much as rupees 12 LPA. The salary of a graphic designer is based on the experience and projects given to them. 

Study material to become a Graphic Designer

Sale graphic designing is a professional course candidate will learn about graphic designing while pursuing itself. Here are some of the best study materials that can be used in this field. 

  • Graphic design theory from the field by Helen Armstrong 
  • Guide to Graphic theory by Scott W Santoro 
  • The element of graphic design by A W White 
  • Design form and Chaos by Paul Rand 
  • Principles of Form and Design by Wong 

Pros and Cons of becoming a Graphic Designer


  1. The field of graphic designing has the liberty to express creativity. 
  2. Designers learn new skills and techniques with every experience. 
  3. Graphic designing is a highly demanded profession in many fields. Hence it opens up endless stream opportunities. 


  1. There are fluctuations based on business cycles and economic changes in this profession. 
  2. Graphic designer counseling needs to keep up with the Trends and ever-changing society. 
  3. Change graphic designing is a very competitive field, and one has to work extra hard to remain on top. 

FAQs about Graphic Design