Game Develpoment

How To Have A Career In Game Development

Game development is known as the art of creating games and describes the designing, development, and release of a game. Game development involves the aspects of concept generation, designing, building, test, and release. The process of game development can be undertaken by a single individual or large game development studio. 

A game developer can be a programmer, a designer, a sound designer, an artist, or many other roles are available in the industry. The game can be of any size, large or small, as the developer wants it to be. It can be called a 'game' as long as it allows the players to interact with the game's content and manipulate the game's element. 

About the Game Developer

Game developers are designers and developers of specialized software. It is their visualization, design, and planning that brings together a computer or video game. A game developer is often seen working with a team of members who work towards making an idea of a game come to life. 

The work that goes in before setting up a game includes creating a story, outlining the designs, creating a prototype, giving proper sound effects,s and assuring the quality. The work of a game developer involves creating visual content for the game and writing codes for the implementation of all the features of games and functionality. 

Eligibility to become a Game Developer

  • A bachelor's degree in game development can be earned successfully completing class 12 or intermediate level. 


  • The game developer must have a bachelor's degree or diploma in game designing or a bachelor's in computer science engineering (CSE) or any other equivalent field.
  • There is no specific entry-level. However, candidates who have an undergraduate degree are preferred more. 
  • Candidates who possess a degree in engineering have the upper hand over candidates who don't. These candidates have a better insight into the technical aspects of computer applications. 
  • Various colleges offer many programs specifically designed for game development. Aspirants can opt for these game development courses to enhance the skills required in game development. 

How to Become a Game Developer

Game developers often work with various organizations, and their job roles may vary, but many core tasks can be associated with the job. 

  • Planning game projects – On receiving a game's feature requests and specifications, game developers are responsible for planning its storyline, environment, characters, activities, progression, and scoring. 
  • Design games – Game developers often coordinate with dedicated and skillful visual designers to make 2D and 3D models for game assets – such as the scenery and characters of the game. They also create graphics for the game maps and art. 
  • Write code – Game developers use programming languages which is suitable for the game's target platform. They write the code that implements the game's logic, allowing them to interact with the game world and the characters. 

Top Game Development Institutes in India

  • National Institute of Design, Bangalore 
  • YMCA Institute of Office Management, New Delhi
  • Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Bangalore
  • Arena Animations, New Delhi 
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth University, Pune
  • Animaster Academy, Bangalore 
  • Academy of Animation and Gaming, Noida 

Game Development Entrance Exams

There is no particular nation-wide entrance exam for game developers. Institutions have their entrance exams for admission to their game development courses. 

Career Opportunities in Game Development

  • Game programmer – Individuals must have a computer science degree. Typically a game programmer writes the code which brings a game to life. They work closely with the producers and other departments for translating the project's vision into a fully functioning and playable game. 
  • Game artists – Game artists use different software packages for creating the visual elements of a game in either 2D or 3D for either one or more platforms, such as mobile, arcade, PC, or console.
  • Game designer – A game developer creates the core features, making them engaging for the users. They design the game's characters, assist with the storyline and goal that the game has, and implement game design for making the game more engaging for its users. 
  • Game publishers – These individuals give game developers the money upfront for making a game. They are responsible for striking up a deal with a studio (a game development company) for making a game according to the agreed brief. 

Employment Sector/Industry for Game Developers

  • Creative agencies
  • Esports association
  • Advertising firms
  • Computing and electronics organization
  • Hardware and software organizations
  • Software developers
  • PR, communications, and marketing films
  • Education providers 

Jobs in Game Development

  • Game programmer 
  • Game tester
  • Audio engineer 
  • Voice over
  • Project manager
  • Quality assurance tester 

Salary of Game Developer

The nation-wide average salary of game developers is around 2,30,000 rupees per year on an initial level, 4,60,000 rupees per year on a medium level, and 9,45,000 rupees per annum on a higher level. 

Study Material to Become Game Developer

  • Game Coding Complete – Mike McShaffry and David Graham
  • Game Engine Architecture – Jason Gregory 
  • GPU Pro 6 – Advanced Rendering Techniques
  • Android NDK Game Development CookBook – Viktor Latypove and Sergey Kosarevsky 

Pros & Cons of Becoming a Game Developer


  • The salary of a game developer is quite high, which makes the job role attractive.
  • There is a lot of competition in this field, increasing day-by-day, and it is healthy competition.
  • For people who have a keen interest in coding, this job is extremely fulfilling them.


  • The people working as game developers have a stressful life as there are extremely strict deadlines.
  • The job can be unstable because often companies can go out of business or teams are shuffled. 

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