Event Management

How To Have A Career In Event Management

Event Manager is the study or skill that enables one to organize and manage events. Events take place throughout the year, making event management a growing industry. Event managers are responsible for everything an event needs to be successful.

Event management is a sector where anyone with good communication and management skills can break boundaries and organize a great event. 

About the Event Manager

An Event Manager may have a wide range of responsibilities beginning from planning the event to executing it. The event manager has to deal with the client and register what they need. According to that, an entire event needs to be planned. There are various positions in an event management company that needs to be handled.

  • If you want to plan the event, you must possess critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills.
  • If you have designing and creative qualities, you can be a part of the digital campaigning and advertising team. 
  • With exemplary exterior designing skills, you can contribute to designing the event in the location or venue.

Eligibility to become an Event Manager

You can pursue Event Manager at UG, PG levels.

  • For UG Level: Students need to get into the BBA Event Management program to get an in-depth knowledge of the fundamental of event planning. One can also opt for an undergraduate diploma in event management or just a certification course.
  • For PG level: Students require a minimum of 50% aggregate to b eligible to enroll in the PG course. The PG courses that can be pursued are MBA Event Management or a PG Diploma in Event Management. One must sit for CAT to pursue the degree.

How to Become an Event Manager

If you wish to become an event manager, you must take up a course that teaches event management fundamentals. Either at the undergraduate level or postgraduation level, you must take up practical projects to gain industry experience.

  • All must pass the main exam at the end of each academic year. On the course completion, you will receive the BBA or BA event management degree.
  • After completing formal education, you must opt for internships that can enhance your skills and practical expertise.
  • If you are doing a certification course, you must excel in your course with rewarding credits. Not only credits but good skills in the field is the way to success. 
  • Universities for admitting students into their course may take an aptitude test which is very simple if you have reasoning and thinking skills.

Top Event Manager Institutes in India

India has many top-rated colleges and universities for Event Manager courses such as

  • Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Lucknow
  • Institute for Hotel Management, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute For Hotel Management, Kolkata
  • National Council For Hotel Management and Catering
  • St Mary’s College, Bangalore
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Goa
  • Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Shimla

Event Manager Entrance Exams

There is no entrance exam for an event management course at under graduation level. However, some universities may take a common aptitude exam for entrance. One must sit for the Common Entrance Test for getting admission to a reputed college of event management at the postgraduation level.

Career Opportunities in Event Manager

Event managers are in great need in the contemporary urban environment. Every event conducted is handled by an event management company. The career opportunity for event managers is good if they possess adequate managerial skills.

An event manager can be a decorator, caterer, etc., based on the client’s purpose. 

Employment Sector/Industry for Event Manager

Both government and private sectors need event managers, but most of the jobs for event managers can be found in the private sector. Event management companies like Cox and Kings, Wizcraft, Encompass, EventsPercept, Tafcon, Pegasus hire event managers for their workflow.

One can also become an independent and freelance event manager. It is essential to have a ready team because event management is not a one-person job.

Jobs in Event Management

Some popular job profiles for candidates are- 

  • Senior Event Manager
  • Budgeting & Finance Executive
  • Public Relation Officer
  • Event Legal Executive
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Production Head


Salary of Event Manager

The annual salary of an event manager can range from 4 lakh to 5 Lakh in the beginning. As one gains experience and reputation, the annual salary can reach up to 1 crore.

Study Material to Become Event Manager

Students need to prepare a portfolio comprising of presentable works and achievements that can allure employers. The books that can be referred to brush up your skills are:

  • Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Guide by Meegan Jones
  • Event Management for Dummies by Laura Capell
  • Meeting Architecture, a Manifesto (Volume 1) by Maarten Jan Vedastus Vanneste, CMM
  • The Business of Events Management by John Beech, Sebastian Kaiser, and Robert Kaspar
  • Research Methods for Arts and Event Management by A.J. Veal and Christine Burton. 

There are several other books available in the market. Students can also opt for online study materials and PDFs over books.

Pros & Cons of Becoming an Event Manager


  1. Opportunity for independent growth
  2. International exposure
  3. Creative atmosphere
  4. A good initial income


  1. Client and their rejections

FAQs about Event Management

  • What other career options does an Event Manager have if they want to change the path?

    If one feels that Event Management is not their thing, they can become a hospitality manager, chef, travel agent, airport security management, etc.

  • What companies hire event managers? 

    The top companies that hire event managers and pay a considerable amount of salary are DNA Networks Pvt. Ltd, Cineyug Entertainment, 70 EMG, Procamrunning, Cox and Kings, Wizcraft, Encompass Events, Percept, Tafcon, Pegasus, Fountainhead, E-Factor, Sita Conferences.

  • Which are the top Event Management colleges in India?

    The top five colleges in India based on their placements are: • Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Nutrition, Lucknow • Institute for Hotel Management, Mumbai • Indian Institute For Hotel Management, Kolkata • National Council For Hotel Management and Catering • St Mary’s College, Bangalore