Culinary Arts

How to Have a Career in Culinary Arts

The word culinary means "related to cooking". Culinary arts define the culinary arts of food preparation, cooking, and food presentation, usually in meals. People, devoted to this field of work, are commonly called "chefs" or "Cooks", although, the terms "culinary artist" and "culinarian" are also used. 

Sometimes, table manners are also referred to as culinary arts. Experts chefs are required to keep immense knowledge about food science, nutrition, and diet and are also responsible for preparing meals that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. After restaurants, their primary place includes relatively large institutions such as hotels and hospitals.

About Culinary Arts

Modern culinary arts students study various aspects of food. Specific areas of study involve:

  • Butchery.
  • Chemistry and thermodynamics.
  • Visual presentation.
  • Food safety.
  • Human nutrition and physiology.
  • International history.
  • The manufacture of food items and many others.

Training in culinary arts is available in most countries worldwide, usually at the university level with government-funded, privately funded, or commercial institutions.

Eligibility to Become a Culinary Artist

Students who have cleared their 10+2 board examination, in any stream, are eligible to pursue Diploma in Culinary Arts. Minimum aggregate marks criteria may apply in the case of some institutes, which is around 50% marks.

How to Become a Culinary Artist

After completing a Bachelor's degree or a diploma course from an institute, one can choose to join any hotel or restaurant as an intern. One can also look for an apprenticeship in the hotel after graduating from class 12. 

There are courses available at both the UG and PG levels. Both the methods are of three years duration. A hospitality degree from a college with a culinary arts program is also a way to become a culinary artist.

Top Institutes in India for Culinary Arts

  • Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts.
  • Culinary Academy of India.
  • International Institute of Culinary Arts.
  • Institute of Hotel Management.
  • Institute of Bakery and Pastry Arts.
  • Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development

Culinary Arts Entrance Exams

Aspiring students can sit for the National Council of Hotel Management JEE or similar hospitality entrance exams. Home Science has always been a part of the syllabus at various schools which has now shaped into more professional vocational courses like Hotel Management.

Career Opportunities in Culinary Arts

Exclusive and dedicated Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Science are designed to offer you a wide range of Culinary Arts career as-

  • Specialty Chefs
  • Specialty Bakers
  • Pastry Professionals
  • Food Photographer
  • Concept Developer
  • Food Blogger
  • Chef Manager
  • Food Entrepreneur
  • Kitchen Designer

Employment Sector/Industry in Culinary Arts

The hotel industry in India is thriving, and the culinary field itself is filled with worldwide opportunities. In addition to the traditional hotel chains with some of the most successful restaurants with celebrity chefs worldwide, smaller individual projects that are upbeat and unique cuisines are on the rise. 

The popularity of trying new things and exploring unique cuisines is on the rise. Thanks to this trend, the culinary world is exploding beyond the traditional 'chain of restaurants' line.

Jobs in Culinary Arts

  • Chef - responsible for preparing meals, training the kitchen staff, ordering supplies on behalf of the kitchen, planning menus, managing the kitchen budget, enforcing health and safety regulations, and preserving food quality.
  • Food Stylist- such a job profile is responsible for preparing and presenting food to look appealing to customers.
  • Catering Supervisor/Manager- they are responsible for planning, administering, and supervising an organization's catering operations and services.
  • Catering Officer- they hold the responsibility of cutting, serving, and presenting food and drinks at an event.

Salary of a Culinary Artist

The salary of a chef entirely depends on their skills. A fresher can earn more than 2.5 lakhs per annum in any three-star hotel. While with skills and experience, one can earn more than six lakhs per annum. The sous chef will make at least four lakhs per annum in any hotel or restaurant. The sky is the limit for an executive chef.

Study Material for Culinary Arts

  • The Ultimate Guide for Hotel Management, NCHMCT-JEE.
  • Hotel Management Catering Technology, Entrance Exam Guide.
  • Hotel Management & Hospitality Administrations, Entrance Examinations.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Culinary Artist


  • It is a job that will let you express your creativity.
  • Attractive salary in cases of high-end hotels, restaurants, and resorts.
  • Numerous job opportunities.
  • Excellent self-employment opportunities.
  • Full-time positions usually include health insurance and paid vacation.


  • Long and unpredictable working hours.
  • Low pay in many cases.
  • Not too comfortable working conditions.
  • Physically and mentally demanding jobs.
  • Working conditions can be hazardous.

FAQs about Culinary Arts