Aircraft Maintenance engineer

How To Have A Career In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the study of principles that ensures the maintenance and safety of aircraft. This is not a career where one designs or innovates an aircraft or its parts. This field of expertise involves ensuring if all the parts of an aircraft are working fine and safely. 

This is a very responsible job. Anybody who wishes to have a career in the multi-billion aviation industry can go for a bright career in aircraft maintenance engineering.

About the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer may have a wide range of responsibilities according to their specialization and skill set. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers may be involved in various tasks, such as engineering, maintaining, managing, supervising, etc. 

  • If you want to be involved in managing, you must inculcate managerial skills and critical thinking abilities to identify and solve aircraft problems instantly.
  • If you have great supervising skills, you can be overall in charge of the aircraft management department. 

Eligibility to become anAircraft Maintenance Engineer

You can pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at UG, and PG.

  • For UG Level: Students need to get into any engineering courses after passing 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The common engineering course is Btech in aircraft maintenance, electrical and mechanical engineering that can make you eligible to pursue an engineering field in the aviation sector.
  • For PG level: Students need to have a degree in any of the physical sciences or engineering to be able to pursue a master's degree. The apt master's degree is M Tech in Aircraft engineering, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering.

How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

If you wish to be an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, you will need to pass the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering common entrance test (AME CET) after passing 10+2. It is crucial to have physical science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in your higher secondary education. 

  • In your under graduation course, you must pass all semesters with a minimum of 55% marks.
  • After you pass your graduation, you must avail of a license that enables you to work for an airline or airport.

Top Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institutes in India

India has many top-rated colleges and universities for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses such as

  • Hyderabad (AP) Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Old Airport Road, Gautam Nagar, Secunderabad (AP)
  • Bangalore Hindustan Aviation Academy, Chinnappanahally, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering, Delhi
  • Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy, Secundrabad
  • Centre For Civil Aviation Training, Delhi
  • Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology, Chennai
  • Aeronautical Training Institute, Lucknow

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Entrance Exams

To get into an engineering degree course such as aircraft maintenance engineering, you need to pass the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering common entrance test (AME CET) and secure a rank. This rank helps you apply to colleges and find admission. The entrance examination is based on the subjects of physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Career Opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers integrate technology with intra personal skills to bring about a safe and secure aviation process. The career opportunities for aircraft maintenance engineering are vast. 

One can choose to take up managerial duties of an airline or be on the ground to ensure passengers' safe journeys from the technical side.

An aircraft maintenance engineer is rewarded with great salaries with positions like an aircraft security officer, aircraft engineering, aircraft supervisor, etc.

Employment Sector/Industry for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Most jobs are mostly available in the private sectors of aviation. The industries that recruit aircraft maintenance engineers are Airports, Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) industries, Aircraft Operation Organizations, Aircraft Manufacturing Companies, Flying Clubs, Aviation Training Centres, Civil Defence Forces.

Jobs in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Some popular job profiles for candidates are- 

  • Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanic or Technician.
  • Commercial Air Traffic Controller.
  • Aerospace Program Manager.
  • Aviation Safety Inspector

Salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An aircraft maintenance engineer can expect a salary up to 7.5 lakh to 10 lakh per annum. However, a different job position may allow more or low initial income.

Study Material to Become Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Students can refer to numerous books for enhancing their skills in aircraft maintenance. The books are:

  • Aviation Maintenance Technician – GeneralBook by Dale Crane
  • Aircraft Engineering Maintenance PracticeTextbook by Lloyd Dingle and Michael H Tooley
  • Aircraft electrical systems book by E. H. J. Pallett
  • Aviation Maintenance Management, Second EditionBook by Harry Kinnison and Tariq Siddiqui
  • Automatic flight control Book by E. H. J. Pallett
  • Advanced Composites Book by Cindy Foreman
  • Mechanics of Flight Book by A. Kermode
  • Aviation Mechanic Handbook: The Aviation Standard by Dale Crane
  • Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance by Charalampos Sergio and Demetris Yiannakides
  • Basic Science for Aerospace Vehicles 3E Book by James McKinley and Ralph Bent
  • Airframe: Structures Textbook by Dale Crane
  • Space Vehicle Design Book by James R. French and Michael D. Griffin. 

There are several other books available in the market. Students can also opt for online study materials and PDFs over books, but the latter is more effective. 

Pros & Cons of Becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


  1. Opportunity for independent growth
  2. International exposure
  3. Good income rates at peak times
  4. Challenging but exciting
  5. Growing sector


  1. Low initial income
  2. Long and odd work hours
  3. Very responsible and stressful job

FAQs about Aircraft Maintenance engineer