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About Free Career Guidance

People encounter several situations where they could benefit from unbiased advice throughout their professional or college lives. They may be in the process of choosing a career or stream, deciding on whether they should alternate their jobs or careers, re-enrolling the workforce, or maybe eager to learn about Free Career Guidance in general. A piece of complete knowledge about all these would help and the right foundation begins with the basics. They come to the realization this is an immense process and the candidates need to learn all about how, what, and which of the Free Career Guidance process.

The word “guidance” is defined as the process of directing conduct. Free Career Guidance can be defined as a developmental, comprehensive program designed to assist individuals in implementing and making informed occupational and educational choices free of cost. In the other words, it’s a journey on which people develop to make informed and mature decisions. This sort of guidance is given to individuals to help them acquire the information, knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify career options and restrict them to make a career decision.

Who can benefit from Free Career Guidance?

Class 9 & 10 Students:

Setting the basics exactly would solve a lot of confusion that might arise later. Whether it is matching the career goals and choosing the required stream to the correct board, a right start at the right time makes all the difference.

Class 11 & 12 Students:

Students choose their streams depending upon the four possible options like medical, non-medical, commerce, and humanities. However, the possible career options for students to opt for are more than hundreds. It is essential that they seek Free Career Guidance from an informed mentor to ensure that the entire process from choosing the right career options to accomplishing those goals goes smoothly.

Working Professionals / College Students:

People who have already made the required career decision need to work towards that in order to attain maximum results. A guide informs them of the appropriate career opportunities and the ways to give the level best in the categories they have chosen for themselves. Generally, people end up taking incorrect paths in order to accomplish their goals. Either they realize the career options which they have chosen don’t suit them or it disappoints them that the option they have chosen isn’t perfect to keep them excited or motivated throughout their professional lives. So finally, they tend to rely on Free Career Guidance from experts.

Free Career Guidance

Purposes Of Free Career Guidance


More often than not, people find themselves in a state of confusion before making necessary decisions in their lives. Generally, everyone seeks advice from friends and parents before deciding on what to wear. So, the same logic should be applied while changing career paths or choosing a career which is obviously a big decision in one’s life.

People must definitely go for Free Career Guidance if their thoughts align with any of them mentioned below:

Choosing the Required Career:

A free career guide would help in sorting out the confusion for candidates who find it challenging to realize which the right career is meant for them. There are enormous career options available to choose from and without an expert’s proper advice, candidates can stick to a few that is relatives or friends ask them to pursue. A free career guide also makes them aware of the scope of every career option in detail which enhances the outlook for the professionals or students. For candidates who assume that they are clear on their career paths and have obtained enough clarity to work towards a chosen career option, career guides ensure that they accomplish their goals without any diversions.

Preventing A Wrong Career Decision:

Making appropriate career decisions at the right time makes a lot of difference. For example, a candidate might realize that Medicine is not the best fit career option for them, after working as a doctor for a decade, they might realize the same quite early in life. Either way, the candidates have the option of realizing where their true passion lies and working towards the same or continue working on the present one. Since changing streams and identifying something entirely anew needs a lot of planning and discussions on the importance of the new career option, it is always recommended to take Free Career Guidance on choosing the right career right from the beginning. 

Career routes can be alternated at any point in time and an informed choice can be made with the help of the right career guidance. Most career options are preventable with appropriate attention to the career path and a time of dilemma is not the best time to seek professional help. It should be the continuing process and Free Career Guidance from the counsellors will be needed at every move of the journey of a candidate’s professional life.

Focused Career Route:

Organized candidates would generally keep a few career options available for themselves. While this is not the wrong route to follow, many candidates fall under utter confusion. Their focus gets alternated and finally, they end up finding themselves not performing up to their potential. A free career guide not only helps their candidates decide the appropriate career routes but also advices them about their path, matches their careers, assists them to clear their confusions and diversions occurring along the way.

Elements Of Career Guide:

A Skilled Career Counsellor:

The first and foremost element of any Free Career Guidance process is the presence of a skilled guide. 

A Safe Environment:

The process of career counselling involves forming a secure and safe environment where the candidates would feel very convenient and they’ll be able to discuss the issues regarding them.

An Agreement of Confidence and Trust:

In general, the only Free Career Guidance that the candidate has is the opinion of their parents, teachers or higher official’s judgment based on the marks and the comments of neighbours and friends. So, relying upon them will not be sufficient to support the foundation of the candidate’s entire career.

Thus, the proper Free Career Guidance ensures that the career chosen is the appropriate one and thus results in social, emotional, and financial happiness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why career guidance is important?

    Career guidance plays an important role for both students as well as for professionals. It helps them get to know about their career goals, skills, likelihood, and desires with in-depth understanding.

  • Can you recommend career guidance online?

    Even though there are several career counsellors present across the globe, candidates will benefit from the counsellors at Mere Mentor. All the professionals at Mere Mentor are reputed members of various career developments and they will assist you to gain a new vision in your own professional life

  • Can I get face-to-face career counselling online in India?

    Candidates can get telephonic or face-to-face career counselling in India with Mere Mentor. They have several options for personal meetings with the students as well as the professionals so that you can explore the career options available and can get the right guidance that will help you step forward in life.

  • In what way will the Career Counsellors will help you?

    A career counsellor has very good knowledge regarding thousands of career options. A brief interview with them will be more than enough to assess your abilities, skills, and interests to give you remarkable career advice that will help you reach job satisfaction.

  • How do I find a good career counsellor in India?

    A good career counsellor will help you to assess your qualities, desires, skills, and overall personality to determine which profession will suit you the best. The qualifications of a counsellor are the right starting point when you look for someone to help you regarding your career.