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Mr.Saurav Kumar
Founder & CEO

MERE MENTOR (First ever Tech based career assessment platform) - Pathway to your Passion


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  • Choose a Career you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." — Confucius
  • Propelled by Confucius, I, Saurav Kumar S, embarked on a journey never to let a student get influenced by peers or relatives in the choice of his career.A student can now choose the exact career path he prefers based on his profile and interest, considering his/herinterest and scope. Unfortunately, most students fail to get this right at the right time and end up in courses and professions that neither satisfy their passion nor keep them motivated.I decided to break this vicious circle and provide expert career guidance to students on a personal basis. This led me to travel throughout the country, especially the semi-urban areas to counsel students on their career choices but soon realised that my reach would remain limited if recourse to technology is not taken.
  • Every individual comes to a threshold in life where he battles the dilemmas of selecting a career, a course to pursue, coaching to join, which school or college to get admission in. Mere Mentor is the single point solution for all such problems. It has thevision to solve the major problem of the youth of our nation, with the advanced technology of AI, MI and the immense contribution of scholars, psychologist, educationist, members from NCERT panellist, Limca Book of Records holders and many other great minds to help students to narrow the gap of career-related challenges.
  • Thus commenced “Mere Mentor” meaning ‘My Coach’! The solitary purpose was to assist young minds, especially students to give the right career guidance, which is the first-ever game based (AI and Blockchain) career assessment system. We approach students from the 7thto the 12th grades and Mere Mentor makes career assessments based on their natural abilities and core preferences, keeping the parents in the loop. We give personalized career guidance in both online and offline formats. Even UG and working professionals have benefitted from our technology-based assessments. We decode their careers, give them a direction, connect with role models, arrange for scholarships and extend loan guidance.
  • As theFounder CEO of Mere Mentor, I must mention my qualifications. I am an engineer Electronics and did my MBA in Marketing. I am also a Lead Auditor in Quality ISO ,anArbitrator and have gathered vast experience in my previous employments with L&T, Trident &Wadia Group. I even had a franchise of HUL called ‘The Adda’. I have arranged for scholarships for more than 500 students from government and private institutions and helped more than 100,000 students to adopt successful careers. I have been the recipient of “BEST ACHIEVER’S AWARD – 2021” by The Magic Book of Records due to my outstanding achievements in developing an Outstanding Digital Platform for Career Counselling.
  • We release podcasts regularly to clear doubts related to respective fields, engage trained counsellors who are Gold Medallists to deal with the aspirants’ anxieties, and building their confidence. Our SWOT analysis identifies shortfalls and provides personalised mentorship. Mere Mentor is unique in its training programs and our online webinars and counselling sessions can be attended to from any corner of the country, bringing the youth closer to their desired goals. Mere Mentor is transforming the picture of career counselling in the country.