Sai Priya R


Sai Priya R

Personal Information and Biography

A psychologist with a keen interest in making individuals adapt to their settings better, and unleashing their unique selves. I enjoy dwelling on the whole gamut of the human experience and narrative, and yet challenge patterns of thought, behavior and attitude that bring them down. My experience in the field ranges from working with individuals with psychological disturbances, everyday challenges, families, learning difficulty, work-life balance, marital and couple therapy, children, designing workshops, etc.

I orient myself with an eclectic approach to therapy and techniques, and believe that the pick of techniques should be based on the case so as to do the clients the best. Among techniques, CBT, guided imagery, solution focused therapy and gestalt techniques are often used. I also have the experience of working across mediums of face to face, telephonic and other virtual mediums.

Teacher Skills

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy: Have provided psychological counseling to varied clientele for various issues like work-life balance, marital issues, family therapy, behavioral training, special education, anxiety, stammering, life skills training. Specific techniques used are Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Guided Visualization, Solution-focused brief therapy, Behavior Modification, Remedial Training, Group Psychotherapy, Workshop facilitation.
  • Teaching: Managing a diploma certification course in NIPCCD helped me to gain mentoring and teaching skills for a master’s level course. The experience further assisted in my subsequent job profile on academic writing.
  • Counseling for children for emotional concerns, skills training, behavior modification, circle time, group-work.
  • Individual counseling with special needs: Remedial training for children, as well as equipping teachers and parent with psycho-education and specific requirement.