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About Career Guidance After Class 10


It is not easy to decide on the career option that will determine the rest of each student’s life especially when they are in class 10. It does not help them as even parents are left confused about the right advice to offer. The confusion a student faces is varied and huge in nature. They will be doubtful about which group they opt to choose and even which degree to pursue after their completion of schooling and whether it must be done regularly or in correspondence. 

Career options after Class 10


So, Career Guidance After 10th gives confidence to students in order to choose the right career after their completion of board examinations. There won’t be any necessity to panic or become anxious even if they have scored lesser marks in it. The matter of fact is that in today’s generation of self-starters, the number of options open to students is several and varied. It is not recommended to make unplanned, hasty decisions dues to parental/peer pressure. It is significant to pursue a field that a student is usually passionate about. 

Students should seek career guidance as early as class 10th and 12th. After everything, having to choose between commerce and science is an essential factor in simplifying the career after class 10. The course of study after this class may be more generalized, but they are significant in giving a student a solid foundation for career courses after schooling. Doing the research in advance can save students a lot in life.

Choosing the right career after class 10 may be challenging as there are plenty of options available. Career counselling with a trained career counsellor can assist students to solve all their problems. A career counsellor makes use of the career assessment to estimate a perfect career path for the student’s future. So, a career assessment test analyzes their interests, skills, abilities, and a clear road map is provided based on all these.

Career Guidance After 10th

Career options after Class 10:

1. Science

  • Science is the most favorite and popular career option for the majority of students and parents
  • The science stream offers many profitable career options such as medical, engineering, IT, and even research
  • The main benefit of opting for the science stream is, it keeps one’s options open
  • Students might switch from science to arts or science to commerce. But they cannot do it the other way around
  • Taking science stream engages one with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Math and Science offer a flexible foundation that enables students to achieve well-paid and highly respected jobs

Who can choose the science group after their 10th?

  • If technology fascinates students and if they have flair for calculations, then they can choosing science after 10th will be the right option
  • They can opt for Chemistry, Physics, and Maths
  • If students want to make a mark for themselves in the medical field, then they can opt for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Math
  • Now, there are many students who have such a hatred towards Maths. Either they are afraid of it or it doesn’t interest them. But, the good thing is that Maths is not required to become a doctor. So, such students can focus more on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB). 


2. Commerce

  • Commerce will be the second most favourite career option after science for most people. If they love finances, numbers, or economics, then the finance will be the best option for them.
  • It offers a wide variety of career options like MBA, Charted Accountants, investment in banking sectors, etc.
  • Commercial knowledge can be acquired which is very significant for the business
  • Students must be familiar with other subjects like Finance, Accountancy, or Economics if they opt for Commerce group
  • They must be good with data, numbers and have a curiosity in Economics and Finance
  • The popularity of the Commerce subject is increasing and several students are studying and making a living out of it

Who can choose the commerce group after their 10th?

  • If students have affinities for business, numbers, economics, then commerce will be the right stream for them
  • If they want to shape their career in the business world and economics, then this group will be the right career for them
  • There are several options available for the commerce stream after class 10. Students can get career counselling from experts if they have any doubts regarding the choice of commerce stream
  • Appropriate Career Guidance After 10th will be extremely important for having a hassle-free career


3. Humanities/Arts

  • Humanities/Arts are nowadays very high in demand and more students opt for it
  • Art is now originating as a career choice as it offers students a wide variety of opportunities
  • It offers several profitable career options such as languages, journalism, psychology, history, etc
  • Language arts, design, humanities, performing arts are well-paid career options
  • The subject of arts encourages self-expression and creativity
  • Students who opt for the arts stream enhances critical thinking and also helps in increasing leadership qualities

Who can choose their art group after their 10th?

  • If students are creative and want to go deep into humanity, then arts will be the right stream for them
  • So, there are several options available after class 10

What are the other career options after class 10?

Picking the right career option after class 10 is probably the most significant decision of each student’s life and it should not be taken in a hurry

Short term courses:

Students can opt for short term courses like Graphics, DTP, and Tally after their Class 10

Paramedical courses:

Students can do paramedical courses like DOA (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assistant), DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology), and DOT (Diploma in Ophthalmic Assitant) if they are fascinated by the medical field

ITI (Industrial Training Institutes):

Students can do ITI courses for Electrician, Mechanical and Electrical after their Class 10


Students can do polytechnic courses like Civil, Mechanical, Computer, Chemical or Automobile after their High School. Polytechnic colleges offer diploma courses for a duration of 1 year, 2 years and also 3 years


Students can choose subject groups like PCMB, PCM, PCB, Commerce without Maths, Commerce with Maths after their class 10. After the completion of class 12, one can do graduation in several disciplines based on the selection of subjects.

Thus, every field has multiple career opportunities. But, choosing the right stream which is suitable for the students should be the main concern. So, the right Career Guidance After 10th plays an important role in each and every student’s life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why career options after the 10th is important?

    It is obvious that Class 10 is the pivotal phase of every student’s life. So, choosing the right career option during this phase is important as the career comes into the main picture depending upon the course chosen in Higher Secondary education.

  • Can you recommend career counselling after the 10th?

    Even though there are many career counsellors across the globe, one will benefit from the counsellors at Mere Mentor. All the professionals at Mere Mentor are members of the National Career Development and they will assist you to gain a new vision in your own professional life.

  • Can I get face-to-face career counselling in India?

    One can get face-to-face or career counselling in India with Mere Mentor. They have the option for personal meetings with the professionals so that you can explore the career options and can get the best advice that will help you step forward in life.

  • In what way the Career Counsellors will help you?

    A career counsellor has immense knowledge regarding thousands of career options. A brief interview with them will be enough to assess your interests, personality, and dreams to give you fantastic career advice that will help you reach job satisfaction.

  • How do I find a good career counsellor in India?

    A good career counsellor will help you to assess your interests, skills, values, and your overall personality to determine which profession will suit you the most. The credentials of a counsellor are the right starting point when you look for someone to advise you regarding your career.