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Why Career Counselling in Mizoram?

Mizoram the hilly northeastern state of India is not only famous for its beautiful hills but also for different promising students coming out of the state. Career counselling in Mizoram by Mere Mentor has been successful because of promising students who carry enough skills and ability to face career challenges. Our team of experts who have been training and counselling school and college students have witnessed that these students are really bright and can have a promising career. However, due to lack of knowledge, counselling experts and other reasons have made it difficult for students to have a promising career. Our expert counsellors help students to understand their strength and bring out the talent to achieve career goals. Mere Mentor with its service of career counselling in Mizoram has been assisting youth and kids through detailed information regarding the career.

What makes Mere Mentor the

Best Career Counselling in Mizoram

One of the reasons the career counselling in Mizoram by Mere Mentor is perfect because of our unique line of services. Our three sessions of face-to-face counselling will give students a clear idea about the choice of career they should take. Moreover, the dedicated career mentor will offer personalized mentoring and complete support for 1 year.

Another major reason behind career counselling in Mizoram is the scholarship and education loan assistant which is available under the year-long career counselling. We provide a complete career report having a detailed assessment for personalized career planning. Under our one-to-one service, we offer one session, but only valid for more than 2 months.

Best Career Counselling in Mizoram

What makes us unique as Career Counsellors in Mizoram?

We don't claim to be the best in Mizoram but do understand that our counselling has been helping students in making their career promising. Our career counselling in Mizoram isn’t limited to students but also offers for working professionals. Since Mizoram doesn't have immense job opportunities, we help working professionals understanding their skills and look for better opportunities in Mizoram. 

We customize the counselling according to the requirement and other aspects. Our dedicated service will ensure you connect with the right career path. Do connect with us now to get the best career counselling in Mizoram for a promising career. 

Best Career Counselling in Mizoram

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