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Why Career Counselling in Meghalaya?

Students and their parents usually find themselves in confusion when it comes to choosing a career. One of the reasons behind this is too many career selection options. One can choose from the options available in different streams. However, students with a lack of knowledge and advice end up choosing the wrong ones. This is where the need for career counselling in Meghalaya arises. Mere Mentor, the leading service offering career counselling in Meghalaya ensures that every student seeking advice from them gets the right path. With our multiple products and services, we customize our counselling to meet up the needs of students.

In this age of globalization, it becomes easy for students to choose from so many options, but at the same time is also confusing. At Mere Mentor, the leading career counseling in Meghalaya, we ensure students get the best experience while taking the guidance. Our expert team undertakes different career assessment tests and conducts face-to-face sessions helping to know more about students’ ability and skill. We offer both online & offline career assessments for the best assistance. This makes Mere Mentor the best career counselling in Meghalaya.

What makes Mere Mentor the

Best Career Counselling in Meghalaya

We at Mere Mentor offer career counselling in Meghalaya personally to school and college students, and also working professionals. Our 3-dimensional assessment helps students in getting the right preferences. We also offer the career library and career planning feature. With our dedicated service, we helped to connect with students and inform them about the right career path.

The other main reason behind the best career counselling in Meghalaya is the dedication to the service. Our certified reputed trainers ensure that the students receive what they require. Our complete assessment report which contains personal development plans and career matches further assists students in selecting the stream. We also offer an education loan assistant and scholarship that is available under year-long career counselling. When the three sessions of face-to-face counselling are given by us, the students get clarity about the choice of career they should select. Moreover, our dedicated career mentors will offer complete support and personalized mentoring for 12 months. So, we customize our counselling to meet up the requirements of students with our multiple services and products.

Best Career Counselling in Meghalaya

What makes us unique as the Best Career Counsellor in Meghalaya?

One of the reasons that make the Mere Mentor the best career counselling in Meghalaya is the experience our counsellors hold. We hire counsellors only after proper assessment and their rich experience. We also help students to connect with industry experts as role models. This will help students to know the complete insight about career and how they can succeed in the same.

To add more, we offer loan and scholarship guidance for students in Meghalaya who are keen on going for higher studies. Today, more and more students are seeking higher studies and are moving overseas.

Our well-trained counsellors will help such students to get a complete insight into overseas studies and other aspects. We are really happy to assist students in getting into the right path and we turned out to be the best career counselling in Meghalaya.

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Career Guidance and Job Opportunities in Meghalaya

There are various lists of job opportunities in Meghalaya for students who have completed their graduation. Some of the jobs include Finance Manager, Technical Assistant, Data Management Executive, Sales Consultant, Office Executive, Relationship Executive, Software Trainee, Software Developer, PHP Developer and Junior Engineer. The career guidance for these jobs are that the candidates must have completed their B.E/B.Tech, BA, BCom, MSc, MCA or any other appropriate graduation without any backlogs. They must possess very good interpersonal and problem solving skills with excellent team playing and time management.

Moreover, there are other job opportunities in Meghalaya here even for experienced people which includes, Business Reporter, Production Manager, Sales Development Manager, Doctor/Physician, SAS Programmer I, Clinical Scientist, Product Architect, and Automation Testers. The experienced candidates should have impeccable written and spoken English, work as per the shift timing allotted, commitment and dedication to promote multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion in all work related activities and ensure compliance with quality assurance. There are both work from home and work from office jobs available here for both experienced people and freshers. Each one of them can opt for their required jobs depending upon their conveniences and excel in their respective careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a good career counsellor in Meghalaya?

    A good career counsellor will help you to assess your skills, interests, values and your overall personality to determine what profession will suit you the most. The credentials of a counsellor is a good starting point when you look for someone to advise you regarding your career.

  • Can you suggest the Best career counselling in Meghalaya?

    Even though there are many career counsellors in Meghalaya, one will benefit from the counsellors at Mere Mentor. All the professionals at Mere Mentor are members of the National Career Development and they will help you gain a new view in your own professional life.

  • Why career counselling is important?

    There are many instances in life where we could have benefitted from an unbiased opinion from a professional. However, most of us listen to our peers and family to make our career choices which are always biased. Career counselling can provide one with scientific job opportunities that the professionals deem the best for you and it is best to take their help.

  • Can I get face-to-face career counselling in Meghalaya?

    One can get face-to-face or virtual career counselling in Meghalaya with Mere Mentor. They have the option for personal meetings with the professionals so that you can get the best advice and explore the career options that will help you move up the ladder.

  • In what way the Career Counsellors will help you?

    A career counsellor has immense knowledge regarding thousands of career options. A brief interview with them is enough to assess your personality, interests, and dreams to give you fantastic career advice that will help you reach job satisfaction.

  • What are the charges for face-to-face career counselling?

    The charges of face-to-face career counselling are based on the association. However, with Mere Mentor, you will find that the prices are extremely reasonable and affordable for the amazing advice they offer.