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Why career counselling Kolkata?

Kolkata isn't just known for its glorious literature history, but also for the current generation who is choosing new career routes. Working professionals and students in their schools are looking for new career options which give them a chance to get the best out of their ability. More and more students are ditching the usual IIT, engineering, and medical field, but to choose the route according to their skills. However, many students in their schools and colleges are still confused about which career to choose. This is where Mere Mentor’s career counselling in Kolkata comes to the role. We being the leading and the best career counselling in Kolkata, our expert trainer provide complete details about each career aspect and clears the confusion which students are facing.

There are certain reasons on why these students end up taking wrong decisions when it comes to the career. Peer and social pressure are the major ones. Right from school, students are pressurized to take a career as per the competition, but not according to their skills. This is why many students end up failing or lagging back in their careers. Career counselling Kolkata by Mere Mentor is to bring down these issues. 

What makes Mere Mentor the

Best Career Counselling in Kolkata

Being the best career counselling in Kolkata, we help students and working professionals to choose the career and optimize their decision. We undertake one-to-one session and assessment test for individuals to understand and evaluate their skills. Moreover, we assist every student with an in-depth analysis of each career options fitting to their ability. 

Another major reason behind being the best career counselling in Kolkata is our experience in this field. Each of our counselling experts is trained and ensures there is complete transparency during the session. Career counselling in Kolkata is now in high demand which brings students in schools together to seek assistance from professionals. One of the growing services offering career counselling Kolkata, we have different products under one roof making the counselling worth. We assist every student through an in-depth analysis of each career option fitting to their ability. We provide a complete assessment report containing career match and helping with the personal development plans.

Best Career Counselling in Kolkata

What makes us unique as Career Counsellors in Kolkata?

We never claimed to the top counselors for career counselling in Kolkata, but we are the best which makes us proud. We offer personal assistance to students in every step to ensure they get into the right career. With our different service approach, we are currently leading service offering career counselling in Kolkata.

Connect with us now to get the best career counselling in Kolkata and get your career the right direction through experts’ advice.

Best Career Counselling in Kolkata

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