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Why Career Counselling in Assam?

Career counselling in Assam is gaining good momentum, thanks to many career options to choose from. Students when choosing among these professions end up getting confused and end up entering the wrong one. Mere Mentor has been helping such students by identifying their skills and abilities. While addressing career development, our certified counsellors scientifically link connections and consider personal aspirations, passions and ambitions. Our comprehensive and systematic methods in pairing the right career to the candidate have helped students in making a promising career and make our career counselling in Assam promising.

Our expert team provides career counselling in Assam through a systematic approach and tools that would help in career advancement. Our career assessment test helps to map the right career path that would help in reaching career goals. Both One-to-One and Year-long assessment service will help students to gain knowledge and confidence. Some of the benefits of using quality service of career counselling in Assam are -

  • Creates interest in studies
  • Gain confidence
  • Right job placement
  • Career growth

What makes Mere Mentor the

Best Career Counselling in Assam

Career counselling in Assam by Mere Mentor is certainly the best thing students and working professionals can have. Students after completing their 10th are confused about choosing the right stream and profession. Since they lack self-assessment ideas and other methods, they end up choosing the wrong stream.

We offer online and offline support to students, so they find it easy to connect and solve their issues.

Career guidance after 10th and 12th is very important because there are crucial points in a student's life. So it becomes important to seek professional guidance. Mere Mentor counsellors are qualified career guides helping students understand their abilities and skills through various career guidance tests. We also connect students with role models who provide a complete insight on the same. Once we identify your core strength, we take things forward.

Best Career Counselling in Assam

What makes us unique as Career Counsellors in Assam?

One of the reasons we are the leading career counselling in Assam service is our personalized career guidance service. Our dedicated career mentors engage in goal monitoring. To add more, we also offer scholarships and education loan assistance for students seeking higher studies. We have been helping students and working professionals in Assam to choose the right career and have a promising life.

We play the role of expert career counsellor and pass out successfully. If you are looking for career counselling in Assam, then connect with Mere Mentor now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a good career counsellor in Assam?

    A good career counsellor will help you to assess your skills, interests, values and your overall personality to determine what profession will suit you the most. The credentials of a counsellor is a good starting point when you look for someone to advise you regarding your career.

  • Can you suggest the Best career counselling in Assam?

    Even though there are many career counsellors in Assam, one will benefit from the counsellors at Mere Mentor. All the professionals at Mere Mentor are members of the National Career Development and they will help you gain a new view in your own professional life.

  • Why career counselling is important?

    There are many instances in life where we could have benefitted from an unbiased opinion from a professional. However, most of us listen to our peers and family to make our career choices which are always biased. Career counselling can provide one with scientific job opportunities that the professionals deem the best for you and it is best to take their help.

  • Can I get face-to-face career counselling in Assam?

    One can get face-to-face or virtual career counselling in Assam with Mere Mentor. They have the option for personal meetings with the professionals so that you can get the best advice and explore the career options that will help you move up the ladder.

  • In what way the Career Counsellors will help you?

    A career counsellor has immense knowledge regarding thousands of career options. A brief interview with them is enough to assess your personality, interests, and dreams to give you fantastic career advice that will help you reach job satisfaction.

  • What are the charges for face-to-face career counselling?

    The charges of face-to-face career counselling are based on the association. However, with Mere Mentor, you will find that the prices are extremely reasonable and affordable for the amazing advice they offer.