Get to know the excellent features of Chatbots and Voice Interfaces

Get to know the excellent features of Chatbots and Voice Interfaces

Get to know the excellent features of Chatbots and Voice Interfaces

Recently, new tools are designed to simplify the interaction between computers and humans. 

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that can replace communication with a user in natural language through websites, messaging applications, mobile apps, or through telephone. It is often described as one of the most promising and advanced expressions. It only represents the natural evolution of a question answering system from a technological point of view. 

Drawing up responses to questions in natural language is one of the most general examples of natural language processing applied in various enterprise applications. 


Types of chatbots:

1. Rule-based chatbots:

They follow a set of flows or pre-defined rules to respond to queries of a user. Most simple applications contain these chatbots which respond to questions based on these pre-set rules. 


2. AI chatbots:

These chatbots are most advanced based on machine learning. It uses natural language processing services to understand the meaning behind the questions asked.


Features of excellent chatbots:

1. Omni-Channel

Customers today choose to do business with brands that offer continuous experiences across channels. A good chatbot platform of this is enormously combined with communication channels you need like Facebook, WhatsApp chatbot, custom mobile apps, SMS, and websites. 


2. Analytical

The other important chatbot feature is that the performance of this can be measured easily. The chatbot analytics can assist your business track the bot’s performance and make alterations to it accordingly. 


3. Secure

Security is the other essential chatbot feature. Securing the privacy of the customers and keeping their data safe is the major priority of every business. A good platform for this would ensure maintaining the highest security standards to keep the data of the customers safe. 


4. Human-like approach

One of the other important features of a chatbot is its human-like approach. A good chatbot has all the tools and information that makes it possible to understand the context in open conversations like humans who often use their regular conversations. 


5. Personalized

The best chatbot platforms are fetched to adjust their language and tone based on user context. For example, if there is a flight or train cancellation, the chatbots regret the inconvenience and acknowledge it rather than treating it inappropriately.


6. KCS-friendly

Knowledge-centered services or KCS refers to a set of guidelines used for preserving and building organizational knowledge. They are made keeping in mind organizational guidelines and turn out to be helpful and ethical. 


7. CX-first

Chatbots are fetched to prompt users with a variety of corresponding options where at times based on previous interactions. Moreover, if this is not able to handle a challenging query, it rapidly notifies a human agent of the right customer experience. 


8. Integrations

Chatbot integration is one of the most decisive chatbot features. There won’t be any necessity for you to worry about switching your systems and existing tools with the right chatbot platforms. This device must combine flawlessly with your existing set of tools. 


What is a voice interface?

A voice interface enables users to interact with an application or device using spoken voice commands. It gives the entire control of technology to the users free of hands and without even having the necessity to look at the device. A combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are used to create VUIs Name Entity Recognition, Automatic Speech Recognition, and speech synthesis among others. 

These VUIs can also be contained either inside of applications or of devices. The backend infrastructure in these technologies is used to create the VUIs speech components and they are often stored in a private or public cloud where the user’s speech is processed. In the cloud, the components identify the intent of the user and return a given response back to the application or device where the users interact with the interface. 


Advantages of voice interfaces:


According to various researchers, chatbots and voice interfaces act very rapidly as speaking is five times faster than that of typing on an electronic device. This makes voice an excellent method for storing heavy task information such as searching from a large inventory item or filling complex forms. 



Even after using several email clients, identifying certain rarely used features such as signature or responder will be somewhat hard on a new system. The user knows that the feature is in between, but it does not know where it is before browsing through many options and menus. 

On the other hand, the voice is very unique. The users can always say something which they want to and find the setting that they are looking for instantly. Many motorcycles and cars already benefit from these kinds of voice features. 



These voice interfaces can support many ways of expressing the same aspect. It can support enormous ways of synonyms and ways of expressing the same thing. The user interface will interact accordingly regardless of the desires of the users. 



Voice interfaces enable the users to focus their attention on other tasks. This will be especially beneficial when working on a forklift or when driving a car as it improves their productivity and safety. 

It can also help users to multitask inside an application. For instance, in gaming players can switch weapons without navigating in deep menus or can change a camera. 



Accessibility is beneficial for everyone even apart from people who are suffering from various impairments. The main group of people who require voice features includes people with disabilities that make use of mouse and keyboard impossible, individuals with chronic health conditions such as repetitive stress injuries who want to limit their use of mouse and keyboard, and people with cognitive disabilities

Thus, the Chatbots and Voice Interfaces lie at the heart of the new User Interface model. These are the right places to start as experienced designers are always in search of innovative design techniques. These tools have been proven to be powerful as they bring users close to the features and functions that businesses want them to experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the use of chatbots?

    Chatbots are also known as chatterbots which is a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI) used for messaging apps. It stimulates human conversation through text chats or voice commands or both. It is also known as an artificial conversation entity or interactive agent.

  • What is the purpose of the voice interface?

    Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) allows the users to interact with a system through speech commands or voice. They are sometimes unsure about the complexities to which the VUI can understand because people normally link voice with interpersonal communication rather than person-technology interaction.

  • What is the main advantage of the voice user interface?

    The main advantage of a voice user interface is that it allows distract-free, hands-free ways to use an application while still focusing most of their attention on the other task