Scope Of Football In India

Scope Of Football In India

Scope Of Football In India

Career in football, which is also recognised as soccer, is now a global industry of multi-billion-pound, which indicates there are more football-related jobs than ever before. Like all significant professional sports, an extra amount of talent, an equal amount of luck, and a vast amount of determination and dedication are required to play professional football. A footballer or football player is a sportsperson who plays for Football leagues or National Teams. However, there are many careers correlated with the management of football, which opens up plenty of opportunities for a career in football.


Current Scenario of Football in India:

The aspirant can now take degrees in sports coaching, analysis and management, who wishes to kick start a career in football. Academics teach programs by experts. However, an aspirant can also intern at professional football governing bodies and clubs to learn about the modern game, marketing, law, fan engagement, and including coaching, media. From not even being spoken of to be the nation's talk, football has come a long way, with the Indian Super League (ISL) now being the prominent football league in India and considered a notable season for football.

Football is no longer acknowledged as a sport with no future. In India, there are several universities offering programs in sports at PG and UG levels. Academies like All India Football Federation, Goa Regional Academy, Tata Football train the students in the sport and equip the students with the essential skills. University Campus of Football Business or UCFB is the world first in sports education, offering university degrees in football as well as other sports industries. The average pay of around 3 Lakhs is earned by an entry-level football player with 1-3 years of experience. 


Job Profiles in Football: 

For all young talents in India, sports opened up a number of career opportunities. Having a unique talent in the chosen sport is very essential, especially to become a footballer. Simultaneously with talent, strong perseverance and determination are needed to reach success.

The students trained in football can also find jobs in the media and education sector. The candidates can begin their career at the school and college level and commence playing the sport at the Regional level, State level. 

Below are few job profiles available to the aspirants trained in football-

  • Footballer- Any individual can play for a team at the regional, state or national level. The soccer player is obligated to practice on a regular basis and play matches at multiple levels.
  • Football Coach- They coordinate, organise, instruct, and motivate football teams. As per their interests, experience, and qualifications, they may work with teenagers, adults, professional or non-professionals players.
  • Sports Journalist- The aspiring student can find a job in the sector of media. The primary responsibility of a sports journalist will be to present and cover the news associated with the industry.
  • Assistant Football Coach- Any individual assists the Head Football Coach in promoting an appreciation of sportsmanship, physical fitness, and teamwork.
  • Marketing Communication Manager- Any individual will be responsible for communicating City Football Group's commercial, corporate activities and partner-focused.


The Employment Sector of Football:

The graduates in sports are hired in various sectors for training in football. Below mentioned are a few of the employment sectors for footballers-

  1. Sports.
  2. Advertising.
  3. Media.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Academic.


Salary Offered in Football:

The salary of sportspersons entirely depends on the sports game that an individual has chosen. In the field of sports, the number of years of experience is not what hardly matters, but also the sports person's constant ability to deliver excellent performance. Commencing salary of the sportsperson is approx. Rs 3 Lac to Rs 5 Lac per year.

A football player of entry-level (1-3 years of experience) gets an average salary of ₹3,05,931. On the other head, a senior level football player with more than 8 years of experience gains an average salary of ₹5,05,526.


Scope of having a Football Career: 

Football is gaining momentum and also getting nationwide attention with the start of the Indian Super League. It has inaugurated some considerable changes in Indian football. Nowadays, many youngsters or new faces are getting opportunities to play football, grass-roots level courses are also begun across India. Times have evolved, and so has the perception of football and other sports in India.

A career in football is not only restricted to the sports industry and opens opportunities in the advertising, media and education sectors. 


  • Training in Europe is quite expensive, and given the number of players that are present there, the competition that is present itself would be tough for an individual to break directly into the youth system. The only way that a person gets an unpaid scholarship and get free coaching over there is if the individual is world-class enough at their current age. Also, it is not very easy to get a visa as a lot of formalities and paperwork come into account for an unpaid scholarship.


  • The second option for an aspirant is a paid programme wherein an individual enrol in their International Football schools organised by many Professional clubs around the world. They conduct a trial in each country, select the best footballers and can be enrolled in the programme by paying a certain amount of fee. This differs from country to country.


  • The third option is the best one I would suggest. Any individual can enrol in the residential academies of I-League/ISL Clubs in India. Any person will find professional coaches, and they will guide you in taking your career a step further.


List of I League Residential Academies/ ISL In India:


1. Tata Football Academy.

2. Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools.

3. Minerva Punjab FC.

4. Gokulam Kerala Fc.

5. Mumbai City Fc.

Players will always be chosen on the basis of merit first, whichever football club they go to in India or abroad.


Here is the list of International Academies in India:


1. Barça Academy- Fcbescola India | Conscient Football

2. Football Plus Pro.

3. Boca Juniors Football School.

4. La Liga Football Schools - Laliga Football Schools India