Need For Career Coach or Career Mentor

Need For Career Coach or Career Mentor

Need For Career Coach or Career Mentor

In the cut-throat competition in today's world, students need someone to guide them on the right path. Education and careers regarding education have changed a lot from the way it was used to be. In the past, students often used to go with the flow.

What this means is following the conventional way, following the way the mass follows. However, it was not the case for every individual. But taking help from a guide regarding your career was not a mainstream thing back then.

Globalization has changed everything. Students have more options than before. Education is not the only thing you can make your career on now. But with these increased opportunities comes a risk of choosing something wrong for yourself.

That is where a career guide comes into the play. He/ She will guide you through your journey. Inexperience often hampers a person's chance to grab the best thing for himself. Having a career guide, you are likely not to make mistakes like that.

Now when we are talking about career guide, two things come into our mind. The first being career mentor and the second is career coach. We will take a detailed view of these two and majorly the need for both of them.

Differences between a Career coach and a Career mentor:

Career mentors are usually people who can help an individual with their advice and support about an exact role in some distinct industry or organization usually for free. Mentors are usually professionals from a specific area, where you want to excel in the future. They have climbed the ladder of the position and know all the tricks and tips.

They can give you more profound insights into a specific job. They help you grow professionally and guide you in any trouble relevant to the job. Career mentors are instrumental when you do not plan to change your job often and require guidance in a particular position.

A career coach is different from a career mentor in quite a few ways. A career coach is a person you pay to build the roadmap of your career. The person keeps in mind your long-term goals and the area you excel in. 

People often hire career coaches to be what they want to be in the future. Sometimes a job change can also be a cause of hiring a career coach. A career coach is someone responsible for building up their client's professional confidence and soft skills. 

This, in turn, helps a person know more about their professional identity. In short, coaches help a person understand what career is the right and best fit for their clients.

Hiring a Career Mentor:

It will help if you have a few things in mind before going searching for a career mentor. Ask yourself questions like- what are the areas you want to build your strength in? Do I want to excel in a new skill? Do I want a domain change in the same industry?

If you are sure that these are your genuine concerns, you might need a mentor's help.

There are ways you can find a mentor:

  • You can reach out to experienced professionals within your farm or other farms and ask them to mentor you.
  • Attend networking events. This is an essential step towards finding a mentor. If you hear any relevant networking events happening near you, go there and connect to as many people as possible.
  • If you are in college, you might consider contacting your alumni association. Attend hackathons if you are in the tech domain.
  • There are some mentoring programs available in the market. Be updated about them and do not miss any opportunities.
  • Social job sites like LinkedIn provides an excellent networking opportunity. Make sure you know how to use LinkedIn. There are features in LinkedIn which let you directly connect to a person without any third-party interference. 

This is massively beneficial for freshers and inexperienced professionals. 

Hiring a Career Coach:

The first part is the same as finding a mentor. Do you have to ask yourself if you are happy in your current job? If you are passionate about other professions? If you are sure to make a change. Getting a positive answer to these questions will help you to realize if you need a career coach or not.

Follow these steps-

  • Contact with someone who is in a position where you want to be in the future. Ask them if they had taken help from any coaches. If yes, then get the referral.
  • Many career coaches take advantages of the digitalization and provide their coaching digitally or over the phone. So it is wise not to limit yourself to a particular geographic area.
  • Make sure you ask your coach questions like, what is his/her rate? How long will he be available( a good coach is available for a considerable amount of time and should be okay to take calls from their client at any hour)?
  • Also, ask him about the target market and what are the processes in his coaching.

Things to keep in mind:

That was all about the details of these two different, yet similar helping hands. Now let us talk about your approach and mindset while finding a suitable one for you.

  • Do not go overboard while hiring a coach. A costly coach may not be exactly what you need. Always take care of your money and find someone preferable for your budget.
  • We have talked about this before, and I will repeat this. Try to take advantages of the digitalization. Almost every sector and industry have an active community on the internet. Connect with people in there.
  • Do not expect your mentor to be always available to answer your questions if you are not paying him (usually mentors are people who help professionals who are junior to them without taking any money).

A good career coach or a good mentor can help someone grow professionally. So you have to be patient and understand your needs and choose accordingly.