List of Universities in UK Offering Scholarships

List of Universities in UK Offering Scholarships

List of Universities in UK Offering Scholarships

The United Kingdom or the UK is considered one of the best countries in the world for education. The prestigious and famous universities from all over the world are established in the United Kingdom. These universities are generally amongst the highest-ranked universities internationally and have expertise on a lot of academic topics. 

The universities in the UK use modern and updated teaching techniques, and the faculties have profound knowledge in their subjects. The British higher education system is considered a standard for education in many universities all over the world for a long period. Hence, these universities are the best of their kind.

However, being a first-world country, United Kingdom is one of the most expensive places to pursue education, especially if the students are from other developing countries or are non-UK students. 

The education expenses are already very high, and for international students, there are additional expenses of accommodation, living, food, traveling, and a lot more. These expenses sum up to a huge amount which often a student cannot afford. 

To solve this misery of the students, the universities in the UK award the students with many scholarships so that the talented students who can prove to be the university’s asset are not deprived of the education they deserve due to any financial crisis.

This article lists universities of the UK that offer scholarships and will surely help you find the right university and scholarship for your higher education.

  1. Aberystwyth University International Scholarships – Several scholarships, bursaries, and award schemes to encourage international students are given at the Aberystwyth University of Wales.
  2. Bristol University International Scholarships – Bristol University provides scholarships for international students on undergraduate or postgraduate programs to study at their university. The university offers five scholarships to prospect foreign undergraduate students.
  3. University of Birmingham International Scholarships – Various scholarships for international students are awarded to candidates willing to study at the University of Birmingham.
  4. Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships – Cardiff University in Wales provides scholarships to international students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Cardiff University.
  5. Clarendon Scholarships in the University of Oxford – Funded by the Oxford University Press, the Clarendon Fund offers UK scholarships to full-time and part-time graduate students at the University of Oxford.
  6. University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships – There are various UK scholarship programs for international students enrolling at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh in the graduate courses. The university also offers scholarships to students from Central America and South America.
  7. Imperial College London Bursaries and Scholarships – Scholarships for undergraduates are awarded to students at the Imperial College London, including the President’s Undergraduate Scholarships. The university also offers scholarships for postgraduate programs. 
  8. Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students – Scholarships that cover all the studying expenses are awarded to international students to study at Cambridge in the United Kingdom. These scholarships are awarded to full-time postgraduate students only.
  9. Kingston University International Scholarships – The International Office at Kingston University awards scholarships for students at all study levels, including scholarships for Indian students in the undergraduate programs. These scholarships are partial.
  10. Queen’s University Belfast International Scholarships – A range of undergraduate and graduate scholarship options to study at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland.
  11. Rhodes House Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students – Scholarships that are merit-based UK scholarships for master’s and Ph.D. students to study at the University of Oxford. Each year, 95 highly talented students are awarded these scholarships. The scholarship covers expenses that include the university’s tuition fee and two economy class airfares of the student.
  12. International Undergraduate Engineering Scholarships by University of Nottingham – Scholarships which are partial grants are awarded to students pursuing a Bachelor in Electronic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Sports Engineering.
  13. Transform Together Scholarships by the Sheffield Hallam University for International and European Union (EU or non-UK) Students – A set of UK scholarships are open to international or European Union (non-UK or EU) students pursuing full-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses at Sheffield Hallam University in 2019-20. 
  14. Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships – Selected undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships are available to students from various regions, which include Asia, the Middle East, and the EU.
  15. University College London (UCL) Scholarships – Scholarships are provided linked to specific countries. Also, scholarships are specifically available for particular departments and degrees.
  16. University of Westminster Scholarships for International Students – The scholarships are given to students enrolled in the master’s programs at the University of Westminster. Scholarships are provided based on the academic merit and financial condition of the student. There are scholarships available for international undergraduate students as well.
  17. International Ambassador Scholarships by the University of West London – Up to 50 scholarships are offered to international students for studying in the UK and be the ambassadors of their country of origin. The scholarships are provided to undergraduate and postgraduate program students.
  18. International Scholarships by the University of Sussex – Non-EU students planning to attend a full-time taught postgraduate program from2 the University of Sussex can apply for this scholarship. These scholarships are granted for a single academic year and cover half of the university tuition fee.
  19. MBA Scholarships by Brunel University – International students who pursue an MBA in Business Administration at Brunel University London can apply for this scholarship.
  20. UK Scholarships by the British Council – International students willing to study in the UK under a Bachelor or Master degree program can seek an IELTS award. However, these types of scholarships are partial.

Higher education is one of the most vital parts of any student’s life, and it should not be neglected due to any form of crisis. It shapes and grooms the person for the real world and helps to get the job of their dreams. 

Consequently, higher education from reputed universities will bring a prosperous career and financial security, ultimately opening the door of opportunities for the person and improving their quality of life. 

To conclude, every student should aspire to achieve their goals and dreams and must take every possible step to do so. If you are confident enough to study in any of the UK universities mentioned above, do not lose hope and work hard to get the university and scholarship of your dreams.