Career assessments and their importance

Career assessments and their importance

Career assessments and their importance

While studying in 10th grade, many students aspire to become an engineer, doctor or teacher, or even an actor. Many students cannot give a proper answer because they are not ready to take a fixed decision.

Whereas after growing up, we see that not many can pursue the career they desire. Although some were able to achieve their dreams, most individuals career path tend to change over time. Most people pursue a career that they never thought they would, and they are pleased with that. But the big question is why they end up doing something so different from what they had initially decided? Because many of them were unable to find the correct career path leading towards their dream jobs, some of them realized that what they initially wanted to be was not something that will make them happy in the future.

However, today's generation can change this story with the assistance of a simple career assessment test. There is a bit of uncertainty regarding the career assessment test in some countries, even though it has a massive acceptance in developed countries. So, we will discuss the career assessment test in detail.

What is a Career Assessment Test?

Choosing a career is a complicated and lengthy procedure. We cannot possibly expect anyone to just blindly select a career for us without thinking about the consequences. Finding the right career includes some vital milestones that each one of us has to meet. And the most crucial goal of career assessment is to know about various career choices in depth. The career assessment tests help you know yourself, including your weakness, strengths, perception, aptitude, ambitions, and interests, which one must consider while selecting their career. The career valuation test helps you in gaining more self-knowledge.

Psychologists design the career assessment tool to assist people in understanding themselves a little better. The assessment generally consists of a series of multiple-choice questions. Sometimes, it may also require answers to subjective-type questions. There is no specific correct or incorrect response and hence no pass or fail criteria in this test. This is just a tool that assesses you on specific parameters like interests, personality traits, aptitude, values, and skills.

The answers that you give in the test are assessed on these parameters, and then it is matched with the needs of prospective careers. So, the career assessment test helps one assess themselves to find careers that are best for themselves. It is an essential and vital step towards effective career planning as the career assessment test plays a role of about 30% to 40% in the whole process of career selection. Evaluating these tests helps the career counsellor give the proper guidance as it helps them understand you a little better.

Why is the career assessment test essential and influential?

 One of the most asked questions about career assessment test is whether it is effective or not. The career selection procedure is a bit like playing golf where the hole is your primary destination, and you have to reach there in few shots. The sand patches are are the negative things that hamper your growth towards your dream, and the green patches are the good things that help you reach your desired destination.

Career assessment tests help one find these green patches in their life to reach their goal strategically. Having a well-defined strategy and determination will help one reach their destination. Knowing your strength will give you more confidence while approaching your dreams, and knowing your weakness will help you reduce or avoid them systematically so that you have the least resistance while achieving your goals.

When should one take the career assessment test?

As all of us know, change is constant, so it is only natural that our skills and mindsets also change along with time. It is recommended to go for career assessment tests periodically because it evaluates us based on our current aptitude and skills. According to many educationalists, the best time to go for a career assessment is every time you reach a vital milestone in your career. The tests are available for all age groups. But as the children before the 8th-grade lack self-concept, the effectiveness of career assessment is not very effective.

The ideal time to go for this test is during or after your 10th-grade exams. The career assessment test gives one an idea about what is probably the best-suited career for themselves and enables you to make the correct career choices in the 11th and 12th grades.

It is also advised to go for the test after you reach 12th grade, even if you have already taken it once in 10th grade, to assess the change in your aptitude and skills and then take a strategic step towards your dream.

What should one lookout for in a Career Assessment Test?

To assure that we get the most accurate result, one should look at a few essential things before going for a career assessment test.

  • Age relevance is one such vital thing. The career assessment tests are available for 10th-grade students as well as big MNCs employees. If a 10th-grade student answers the career assessment test made for MNCs employees, the test won't be applicable at all. So one should always check whether the assessment is age-appropriate for the student.
  • Another critical factor is the relevance of the assessment; This is a vital factor because most of the career assessment tests used in India have been created for students of western countries. Due to this, the accuracy of the assessment goes significantly down. One should find the career assessment tests that are specifically made for their own country's students.
  • One more important thing to look out for is language compatibility. The students must understand all the questions clearly before answering them to give the most appropriate and accurate answers.

One should remember that a promising career not just pays you well but also makes you happy for the rest of your life. These are some of the points that give you a clear understanding of career assessment tests and help you create a good strategy for your dream career.