Here Are The 18 Best Career Options For Commerce After 12th!

Here Are The 18 Best Career Options For Commerce After 12th!

Here Are The 18 Best Career Options For Commerce After 12th!

If you are seeking to opt for your stream after the 10th or have already opted for commerce and are unsure of your career path, you can get the best career counselling about the lucrative and exciting career opportunities that the commerce stream holds.


Best Career Options For Commerce After 12th:


1. Economics

It is the study of the transfer, production, services, use of goods and resources. It is a research-oriented career and would require you to make use of and learn various principles, theories, and models. 


Career opportunities in economics:

Risk management analyst is one of the best career options after 12th commerce and there are other professional opportunities in this field which include working as a statistician, economist, operations research analyst, strategist, budget analyst and insurance underwriter.


2. Actuarial Science

Actuarial science is a field dealing with the analysis of risk across several fields like business, insurance, healthcare and finance. 


Career opportunities in actuarial science:

Actuaries work in general insurance, life insurance, pension funds, health insurance, actuary consulting firms, enterprise risk, retirement and pension, investment and risk management. 


3. Management

Management is a broad field that allows you the opportunity to select from different specializations and roles, including marketing, operations, finance, HR, sales and international business.


Career opportunities in management:

You can find various global and national opportunities in domains such as general management, consulting, human resources, and supply chain management.


4. Commerce

This is a global field for several commerce-related domains such as auditing, accounting, taxation and finance. A degree in B.Com acts as a gateway to various higher education and professional opportunities. 


Career opportunities in commerce:

You can become a chartered accountant or company secretary depending upon the field and role you desire to get into after finishing B.Com.


5. Chartered Accountancy

It is one of the most popular and well-known career paths for commerce students which is why it is regarded as one of the best career options after 12th commerce.


Career opportunities in chartered accountancy:

You can find professional opportunities in private and government organizations in roles such as tax consulting, auditing, investment banking, and corporate finance.


6. Company Secretary

The company secretary takes care of the effective administration of the company especially with respect to ensuring statutory and legal compliance and government-related issues.


Career opportunities in company secretary:

You can work for both private and public sector organizations and render services in areas such as secretarial, legal, and corporate governance. 


7. Finance

A career in the finance domain involves helping individuals and businesses in making various liabilities, managing assets, and monitoring cash flow. 


Career opportunities in finance:

This is a broad sector and includes many roles such as financial planning, investment banking, wealth management, risk management and corporate finance.


8. Bank PO

Bank Probationary Officer (PO) is a basic level position in a bank, where individuals begin as trainees. The exams are conducted by both private and public banks. This position is one of the best career options after 12th commerce as it is one of the reputed roles in the banking sector.


Career opportunities in bank PO:

You can find various roles of the work in the bank including administrative assistant, accounts clerk, credit officer, postal employee or insurance officer.


9. Management and Cost Accounting

Management and cost accountants are responsible for cost management, budgeting, asset management, and evaluation within an organization or company.


Career opportunities in CMA:

You can work as a cost accountant and in other related fields such as auditing and financial consulting. 


10. Stockbroking

Stockbroking is a career that involves selling and buying stocks on the stock market. Stockbrokers maintain expenditure in bonds, stocks, and derivatives for their clients.


Career opportunities in stockbroking:

You can work with insurance companies, brokerage firms, pension funds, banks, and other financial institutions.


11. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs conceptualize the business ideas, build the function, structure, and strategy and subsequently launch and design the company.


Career opportunities in entrepreneurship:

It has an enormously positive outlook for the future as the government and political setup of the country is adhering to start-up initiatives.


12. Statistics

Statistics is the field that consists of the analysis, interpretation, and representation of numerical data. 


Career opportunities in statistics:

There are several opportunities available both in the private and public sector in roles such as big data, data analysis, investment analysis, risk analysis and research analysis.


13. Business Management

Businesses run on processes, systems, clients and ideas and they need to be organized for the better flow of business into the market. 


Career opportunities in business management:

Marketing manager, production manager, sales executive, recruitment manager, and PR manager are some of the roles available in this sector. These are the best career options after 12th commerce for those interested in business management.


14. Foreign Trade

Foreign trade refers to the exchange of capital, goods, and services across borders worldwide.


Career opportunities in foreign trade:

You can work as a foreign trade manager, relationship manager, foreign trade analyst, export manager and business development analyst. 


15. Civil Services

It is one of the best career options after 12th commerce which offers a wide range of job options and study as a government employee.


Career opportunities in civil services:

You can become an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer after clearing the civil services examination according to your desire or any other government officer.


16. Bachelor of Computer Application

Technology is marking its way right up and conquering the future thereby giving enormous opportunities for young minds to explore paths of networking, coding, developing applications, managing platforms and databases. 


Career opportunities in Bachelor of Computer Application

You can become a lecturer, computer programmer, data scientist, software developer, technical support executive, and computer system analyst.


17. Psychology

Psychology is a wide study of mind and behaviour, understanding the patterns of action and thinking. 


Career opportunities in psychology:

Health care working, mental health support, social working, counselling, therapist, lecturing and corporate counselling are the career opportunities available for this branch of study.


18. Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a pleasure in the business industry. It involves giving tourists enormous memories to cherish.


Career opportunities in travel and tourism:

You can work as a travel interpreter, travel specialist, travel blogger, travel consultant, immigration, airlines and travel agencies. 

Thus, the best career options after 12th commerce can be chosen from all the above aspects and step forward in that particular path when it is made use of effectively.


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