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Why Career Counsellor in Kochi?

Finding the best career counsellors in Kochi isn't that hard when Mere Mentor is at your service. Over the years, we have been providing complete assistance to students in schools and colleges who are keen on getting professional assistance. Students, when they are in the schooling age, decide on what career they want to take up. Some succeed, some don't. One of the reasons some students fail to choose the right career is the lack of knowledge and professional assistance. For such students, Mere Mentor has been assisting to help them to choose the right career that matches their ability and skills. Our expert counsellors work along with students in a systematic pattern to learn more about skills and accordingly work on them. This is what makes us the best career counsellors in Kochi.

Thanks to the career assessment test, our experts can explain where students lack and how they can build the skill. Not only the career, but we at Mere Mentor also helped students in choosing a college that fits as per the stream.

Being one of the best career counsellors in Kochi we help students in every aspect of their career.

What makes Mere Mentor the

Best Career Counselling in Kochi

With increasing career options, career counselling is a part of people's life. Students after completing their 10th are often confused about choosing the stream and course. Sometimes social pressure, lack of parental guidance, and ignorance of self-potential lead to the wrong decision. Career counselling by Mere Mentor caters to students who face such issues.

Being one of the best career counsellors in Kochi, we also link students to experts representing them as role models to encourage students in making career decisions. Furthermore, we also offer career planning to students and provide them with complete information on 200+ career options. Our one-on-one career assessment further helps students and connects with education experts.

Best Career Counselling in Kochi

What makes us unique as Career Counsellors in Kochi?

The role of a career counsellor is to assist students in choosing the right course matching up with the skill set. Our dedicated career mentor offers personalized goal monitoring. Furthermore, we also offer scholarships and education loan assistance to students. Year by year, many students are seeking higher education overseas, but lack knowledge. For such students, our team of counsellor experts provides complete insight.

We play the role of best career counsellors in Kochi effectively and ensure we offer the right guidance. If you are confused regarding your career decision, then Mere Mentor is at your service. 

Best Career Counselling in Kochi

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