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Choosing a career is a time consuming and crucial task that is fraught with a long list of difficulties. The process does not have a quick course one can follow to attain victory at ease. Short-listing career options that suit your personality and skill level are vital to achieving certain milestones in life. To successfully select a career, you need to have thorough knowledge about various career paths, their benefits, and future prospects, and to know which career suits you the best, you have to know your own firm and weak areas. 

To make this job a little more endurable and interactive, Free Career Assessment Tests are designed. These tests help you know your strengths, weaknesses, perception, ambitions, aptitude, and interests that assist you in understanding yourself better through a series of questions. It is a critical and step towards effective career development as a career assessment test plays 40% of the role in the whole career selection process. 

Mere Mentor supports you to build effective strategies and have a more constructive approach to career planning with their Free Career Assessment. Mere Mentor guides you throughout the road to your dream career.

The Types of Career Assessment Tests

Career Assessments Tests are developed to help pick the best career for you amongst numerous options. These tests vary in characteristics and assess different parts of your capabilities and personality. The four Chief categories of Career Assessment Tests are discussed below.

  • Personality Test: Personality Tests are designed to provide an insight into your overall personality. Therefore, most people possess different personalities in informal and formal settings, analysing your Personality traits in formal work-related situations. Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most popular Personality Test, followed by the famous Eysenck Personality Questionnaire.

  • Aptitude Test: Aptitude Tests are constructed to measure your skill levels in specific fields of careers. This is most frequently preferred by people who wish to find job positions that fit their already possessive skills. An Aptitude test helps you to know your natural skill level and secure the best career.

  • Intelligence Test: Intelligence Test or Intelligence Quotient (IQ) are created to gauge your intellectual abilities and help you finalize goals and opportunities that fit you the best. IQ tests are authentic Intelligence Tests that judge the functionality of the brain and determines your careers accordingly. The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale (SB) is one of the most desirable IQ Tests reserved by people worldwide.  Another mention-worthy IQ Test for people older than 16 is the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. 

Interest Test: An Interest Test is also known as Desire Test or Motivation Test, is designed to lend a hand in organizing your thoughts and identifying the career fields you like best through survey questions about your career interests and desires. The Motivation or Interest Tests seldom asks you to choose a career image you want. This Test helps to select suitable career paths that depending on your motivation level.

Benefits of Career Assessment Tests

Career assessments are planned to determine the skills, capacity, and talents of applicants. A self-assessment proves to be a beneficial tool in evaluating specific areas in which an applicant is strong and weak. The result can be proven useful in helping applicants choose a career that is advantageous for them and in reach their goals. While the justification of each tool may vary from person to person, overall, career assessments have been verified to open new career options for people. Free Career Assessment also helps to increase fulfillment in someone’s career plan and self-confidence. 

  • Determining your Interests

Career Assessment tests guide you to discover your interests and passion, some of which you were previously unaware about. 

  • Determining your highs and lows

Career Assessment tests are intended to help you gain awareness about how you operate. They evaluate the good traits and bad traits you possess will help both your professional and personal life. 

  • Assessing your Values

Specific assessment tests are explicitly designed to help you have a deeper understanding of the most important values you possess and what will be of importance to you in your career path. 

  • Determining the Ideal Profession

As new career pursuers, you may also find yourself torn between two career choices. Taking free career assessment tests will disclose a number of professions that are suitable options based on your distinct personality traits, values, skills, passions, interests, and select the worthiest career option.

Career assessment test for free

What makes a good Career Assessment Test?

  • Age Appropriation: The most important attribute of a good Career Assessment Test is its age relevance. Free Career Assessment tests are available for several age groups. If you are still in school and have to answer questions meant for employees, the assessment would be irrelevant. Hence, it is crucial to check the tests is age appropriation before signing up for it.

  • Test Relevance: The next important feature of a good Career Assessment Test is the area of the significance of the Test. This vital since most of the Free Career Assessment tests used by people have been created for applicants in Western countries. Hence, the accuracy of the Test should be determined beforehand for applicants of countries outside the US.

  • Language Compatibility: Lastly, the Test should be language compatible. It is essential for applicants to understand questions clearly to give answers with maximum accuracy. 

Best Career assessment test for free

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is it best to take a Career Assessment Test?

    The perfect time for a Free Career Assessment test is during your 10th-grade exams. It is advisable to go for another test before your 12th grade. Free Career Assessment tests give you knowledge about the best-suited career for yourself.

  • Why is Mere Mentor the best Free Career Assessment Test?

    Mere Mentor offers Free Career Assessment Tests to applicants of a varied age group. The tests offered are highly accurate and influential. Career Assessment Tests at Mere Mentor evaluating your performance thoroughly and provides proper guidance to you in choosing the right career path.